US EAST GOT NUKED My characters got wiped

Sigh - the data base can’t be reached due to AWS issues so nothing can be seen. It appears to be the Virginia data center which is likely where US_East lives.

You are very unlikely to have lost everything. It would be better to ask questions than just YELL in a post.


Hello to all,

I’m so sorry for the inconvenience you are all having, this was posted by the Dev team [Notice] US-East Server Issues

Hope this helps, take care.


Correct. US-East servers are hosted in the Dulles, VA datacenter, and are affected by this outage. AGS dev team and admins can’t do anything in this instance - we all just have to wait till service is restored.

I love how OP goes straight to assuming it’s permanently wiped and screams for compensation. The white tears in this forum are hilarious. It’s not always about you and you don’t have to have immediate attention at all times especially when you can’t be bothered to read news and update posts. Expecting devs to respond to every single post over a large issue when they are posting updates for the issue is just self centered and toxic.

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I agree with you about the whining but to be fair this is the first post that got a dev response even though there are larger posts about it that didn’t include the whining. Outside of a Spanish dev post that said check your local steam files.

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well seeing as that translates to: “Hello @DariiPalacios! I hope you are well! I understand your problem, have you already done a verification of your files in steam? If not, go to your library, right click on New World, click on Properties, Files and then verify integrity of the game. If the problem persists after this please let me know. I hope this helps! Have a good day or night!” I don’t think this has anything to do with today’s AWS failures

I agree I’m just talking about this type post specifically where people immediately assume it’s perm and want compensation and don’t even give Devs a chance to respond and just go right to chewing everyone out and often cursing. When things like this happen it’s always the players that find it first so they need to be patient, report it politely and give time for a response. Then when it’s two weeks later and you still can’t move furniture out of your inventory with no update on when it will be fixed…then you can scream lol.


want some cheese with that whine?

It happened to MANY of us, its an Amazon power failure, not the game devs fault or responsibility.
Always check the news feeds first (or ask someone who is current on the games news).
When it happened to me, I asked a fellow Youtuber and they gave me a heads up.
IF (and its HIGHLY unlikely) anyone loses a character and or any of its progress, Im fairly certain it will be made right.
It IS good to see the devs actually take time and make sure to post about it (as they certainly fail and have shortcomings with any of the games direct issues).
Although they DID respond to the nerfing of the game in their most recent “Big News” update.
Give Amazon some time, their power will be back on, the game will resume, and everyone can go crying about a power outage in the games feeds for the next day, like they always do.


They’re still down. Hope they figure things out. Would suck for everyone to lose their characters


Then you better go catch it

Started playing graphical persistent MMO’s with the very first one, Air Warrior. Thru Ultima Online, Everquest, World of Warcraft etc… one thing is constant and that is what we are getting now, at least on U.S. East though from reading looks like it has spread. Everyone is jonesin for a fix and only one thing will remedy that:)

Compendate for some hours off ? xD u must be lucky to play on us servers on eu servers we had atleast we always had 20hr maintenance and more than 2 weeks without ah without compensations ^^

I am trying to be patient but dang this blows chunks :face_vomiting:

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AGS literally can’t do anything about this outage. Imagine a city-wide power outage. AGS are your landlord in the middle of that city-wide power outage. Yep, he’d love to turn your power back on… but there’s no power.

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572 hours… How cute lol

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I’m not sure how people can be so damn stupid… it, literally, took me 20 seconds to find out what was going on. FFS people, calm the hell down.


How long will it take? My company War is gonna get screwed :C all that time and gold to start a war.