US-EAST needs at least 2 More Servers

There is enough people in que to still have 400 people in QUE if you moved them all into a new server… This is with 2200 server pops.

We really need to see these numbers back down in the 1800s per server at peek. The 2200 is far to overcrowded given the current density of resources and the impact the ques and players online are having on script performance ingame. AI aren’t spawning in expeditions properly. Folks are experiencing weird lag.


Wont happen till its too late AGS only does knee jerk response.

They better wake up fast.

I know the circles I run in, folks who stuck it out this whole time are calling these ques their last straw. Not giving free transfers was a mistake. Not opening enough servers is a bigger mistake. They need to plan for a 1-2% of their 1 million launch base to be back. And have servers open and in place for those folks.

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It’s sad to see them make the same mistakes after a year. I think they’are genuinely happy with their small player base so will do the same thing as before. Wait till people leave.

i mean they made another server and it filled up. Them doing one by one i think is fine. But another east server we should see by tuesday, and should not be any longer than that. Really that simple. It fills up another server should open up in less than 24 hours

Just waited through a line of over 1200 people…after an hour and a half, got to <10 and this popped up on my screen. Uninstalling.

I just want to be able to play - I don’t PVP, OPR, or even run Expeditions. I don’t have a company and I don’t care about territory or wars. I have fun simply progressing my toon, exploring new areas, and gathering stuff.

I know that probably qualifies me as one of those “filthy casuals”, but if I could set a flag on my account that would automatically put me on the least populated server at sign-in that would be fine with me. I already got one 2-day ban during the Medleyfaire event, presumably due to being mass reported by some big-company try-hards that didn’t like me fishing in their spot.

I don’t know why they can’t automate the scaling and balancing of the servers based on demand - highly available and distributed cloud systems is a solved problem at this point. If couldn’t take orders because too many people were trying to place orders and crashed a server, there’d be heads rolling at corporate.

They are rolling out 2500 player caps, and rolling out new servers to combat this.

I’d imagine we’ll see another one on our realm soon enough.

If they opened a new server every time one had a que and only merged servers to a net 1500 concurrent peak id be fine. But both need to happen far more agily. These 30m ques on weekends are driving players away.

We dont want 2500 caps. 1800 is good. Their current tech and world dynamic doesnt support 2200 zero reason to go to 2500.

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Nice, at least 1 more place in queue and 1 less player with an attention span of a cat :wink:

If you can’t wait few days until they release proper amount of new servers its YOU problem honestly. Adding servers 1 by 1 is a good approach.

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I’m imagining with the new zone they are expecting a lot of that to spread out, remains to be seen :x

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