US East Pleroma Server Population

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The US East Pleroma server is experiencing a mass exodus of players. Most if not all large companies have left the server. There are towns that have been left in the care of alt or dummy companies that are not being kept up. We are seeing the player base decline day over day and feel this is going to continue. With no one managing the towns we are seeing stations get downgraded and no one is able to upgrade. The market has crashed due to the sheer amount of people that have left leaving it nearly impossible to make money. Even if we gather enough people that are left, the declaration of war process is costly and due to the market there are not enough funds to even do that. OPR is non existent. Invasions have rosters of less than 20 to defend against the corrupted. Please give us a status update on possible merges as this server is going to die out completely if immediate action is not taken.

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can you stop trolling please.

Iā€™m sorry is the request not appropriate?

no your cry for help is a shame and hardly the truth. the server is alwsay been top 50 in our owrlds. i play on the server daily and have never had a hard time finding groups

Hi @MelPendragon84!

I hope you are doing good!

Here is an official statement by one of our developers, there is no ETA on when server merges will come but keep an eye out on the official news section!

Take care!

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