US - East World Set Mergers

How many world sets, got move to the smallest population, unhealthiest population (one faction controls all towns?)

Just wondering if they just intended to screw a faction in a world set, because of the actions of a faction on an under populated server…

In a certain world set there were 3 servers of 5 listed as merge candidates 2 with better population counts, 1 dominated by 1 faction, 1 dominated by different faction, 1 with highest pop even split.

  • Ruach, Tritonis, and Norumbega will be merging into Heliopolis for Arkadia Psi.

This sucks for us cov players that have been waiting for faction balance. prob only 15 active cov players on my server and server that are merging with us are same …

All of Arkadia ultra getting merged in to probably the single worst state server of the group. There is another thread about it

Where is it? Also in this world set and pretty upset that world was chosen, especially since one of the main companies, Lag Detected, griefed Valgrind, then left and did the same thing on Pleroma. Really weird that they’d pick that one as the host.

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AGS will never be able to control faction balance, not sure why folks think they can. If they intended to even attempt this, then they would have had to engage a faction population cap per server along with the server cap.

Don’t play mmo. Problem solved.

Royllo and tlalocan merging into ogygia. Ogygia is all purple but I don’t even care about that. The population is only going to be around 500… what is going on here??

They are doing mergers in multiple steps, something like brackets, instead of merging them all at once to avoid persistance issues. This is not the final merger.

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