US West - Ennead - Fresh Start Company

Hey everyone, I know there’s a lot of excitement around Fresh start servers, and rightfully so. With all the buzz, me and some friends wanted to start a new company and recruit liked minded individuals that want to find a home where they can grind together and work to take territory and actually feel like part of the team.

We have around 12+ core players at the moment so we’re not some mega company with 50-100 players already, where you will potentially be pushed to the wayside. we are recruiting anyone from casual to hardcore grinders. We just want people that want to help build the company and hopefully be competitive with other companies.

If you are grinding and putting in effort, you will be rewarded of course with war slots, and potentially ranking up within the company and discord (we have roles for crafters, gatherers, gs milestones, etc.). As time goes on obviously, we want everyone in the company to be in wars if they want to participate, but early on we will have to put in the people that put in the most work.

We are playing on Ennead Server, and will be going Marauders.

Discord Info: The Dojo

TLDR: Join a company you can feel part of - Faction: Marauders - Server: West Coast (Ennead) - Company Name: The Dojo

Please let me know if you are having issues with the discord invite.