US West is dead, free region transfers needed

It’s been 15 days since you notified the dev team. Does AGS not care that the west coast regions are decaying?

That many people on this little map with this few territories and these few resources would never work either. Its bad enough with just 2k people. Plus its laggy af.

Please save the West Coast region

merge us then. cant expect the entirety of a server to transfer off. there will always be leftovers and people that return to to the game to a 100 pop server, see its dead, and immediately log off

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It’s been 15 days since you notified the dev team. Does AGS not care that the west coast regions are decaying?

I do not understand Amazon here. Pretty much all PvP games falter when gear (thus time grind) can affect your chance to win. And while New World is pretty great in switching builds around - you really can’t do that in PvP unless you have the gear for that other build.

PvP isn’t the problem at all. There is a reason Fortnight made so much money. It’s an immediate unbalance in power the instant you don’t log in to keep up the grind. Look at all the hoops WoW does to allow you to catch up in gear, and even their PvP sucks as well.

NW has become a pretty game lobby waiting for Outpost or Arenas to pop.

@Zelme Server merges are and have always been a short-term solution – this is proven by the need for repeated merges.
What will AGS do when they’ve merged everything in a region down to one server and the population still drops?

The real, lasting, solution is to delete the player-controlled settlement system. This system relies on an appropriate counts of active PvP players per server AND stable PvP player counts for the factions. Neither has ever been true and it was wishful thinking it could ever be that way.
Without a proper league system for PvP to match players against proper opponents, perpetual PvP losers will quit and go elsewhere, perpetual PvP winners will be bored – and also go elsewhere; or grief players who have no interest in PvP just to scavenge for PvP action. And when AGS inevitably takes no action against griefers and toxic players, legitimate players being bullied also leave.

Without direct reliance on players to fund settlement upkeep (i.e., deleting player influence over settlements entirely) servers would only have to worry about overpopulation making resources too scarce, and even then that has solutions without controlling player counts.

Even a server with everyone in the same faction would work, as long as settlement owners didn’t deliberately grief everyone and just use settlement taxes for RMT. Which has happened far too many times and AGS has done nothing about it.
Without stability and viability in a server, PvE will leave – they have no reason to put down roots and invest playing long term there.
In short, everything about the player-controlled settlement / PvP-controlled model results in instability and player loss. Just like in the real world when you have constant wars undermining progress and stability; or a skid row where criminals run unchecked and can grief the citizens there – no one wants to live there.

And additionally, completely removing player influence over settlements would solve many issues and close many exploits.

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

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Saturday night and Ygg at 842. Server’s perfectly fine. If Ags wants to merge they should stop ignoring Lilliput. Merge Camelot, Dorito & Lilliput n that’s it.

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Just merge Cam and Dorado. Lilliput… lol.
Could leave it for extra room.
It’s just alts, farmers, perpetual server swappers, and recluses sitting on tons of materials. If anything, they should pay to swap. :laughing: Jk … Maybe.

This is what we are asking for. Merge the other servers together or merge us into Ygg.

so Zelme… uhh… whats up? You guys pranking us or something? I can only imagine the laughs you are having at our expense. Can you knock it off now though? Tell the intern to do it or something please.

We need merges in EU too!!

You can always transfer to an eu server, yeah higher ping but atleast its not empty.

I agree that the world needs to be bigger (a lot bigger).
And as for the lag, better servers?

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I think lilliput is a server for people who dont speak english. Thus the es/en.

Stop transfers they are killing servers! Suck it up and play! :wink:

With no word on when update will be coming does a person stick it out or transfer? Opr ques are getting really long is anything going to happen with server merges? Or should I follow everyone to ygg?

depends if you’re willing to give AGS 15 dollars like the other people when they dont deserve it


I think its more engine than servers myself. AWS has top notch server tech.

I mean honestly… if you want to play, I think your best bet is to just transfer to YGG. The thing is, even though we been getting a lot of transfer ins, I think almost as many are either taking break/quitting or transfer east. I see a ton of new faces and companies on YGG but really the peak has barely gone up.

On one hand its a risk to give AGS more money to transfer to what might also end up a dead server when these guys should just do the right thing and merge. On the other hand, why play when you can’t run content you want to run?

I been on YGG since the beginning. I still have my two free transfer tokens even. Im not even sure what I would do if I was in your spot honestly. I’m not really playing myself much currently. My company has been dying out with either lack of playtime or people moving to other companies due to ours having a lack of playtime. My friends are now scattered and it just makes me sad so I havent played much.

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My last, play everyday friend, got banned from 24 June to 1 July, and He isn’t interested in starting back up on NW at this time, and to be honest, except for two days where I did my daily’s, I also have not been on for the the last 10 days. I don’t see the point playing without someone else to share the game with.

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