US West is dead, free region transfers needed

I hear your proposal and I counter propose merging them all into one mega server.


I think a lot of people understood you, I am just not going to transfer to another region. I am on US west cause I live on the west coast. i want the west coast ping.

Honestly 700-800 peak is a pretty good experience…
Having been on servers that ranged from 1500 to 100 populations, I’d even say that’s just slightly below the sweet spot (which IMHO is 1K).

Above 1k and resources get scarce.

Below around 500, things start to not work (hard to find dungeons, OPR doesn’t pop, invasions fail, crafting stations get downgraded, etc).

Between those two marks, I never had much of an issue with the server not working as expected or being able to do any content you want at more or less any time (with the exception of wars which only sweatys seem to get slotted for until you go below 500).

The main problem is once you start dipping below 1K, you get of bunch of “grass is greener” type of people who start jumping ship. When whole companies start to go, your server death spirals.

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YGG still hits ~800 players at peak. Sometimes a little more. El Dorado gets close to that as well. Not great but to me I feel its lively when I play. As I stated earlier, I can always do the content I want to do.

I agree

Fine, do both.

Everyone who wants to play on a low pop server can stay and people who want to play on a high pop server or a medium pop server can transfer.

I’ve been watching the numbers both morning and night for a long time, this is an all time low for AM and PM is not looking much better.

The game has lost like 2 to 3k players over the last week or 2. Mostly around the time of the GC nerf.

They should merge servers that have low populations (<300), like Orun and Pluto. They’re just going to lose more players unnecessarily the longer they wait.

Ideally all servers would have at least 800-1000 players during primetime.

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That graph is from a couple hours after an update and all the bots have to re-sign back in the game to get the pop back up :wink:

What you are forgetting is that people quit when server merges happen too. People lose settlements they owned.

This isnt just a fix button for people quitting the game.

Hi there Dappa, sorry to hear about your server population problem. I’ll forward this up the chain so the Dev team is made aware as well and can maybe try to find a solution. Take care!


Peak numbers/peak hours we could all combined right now. But they might be holding off merges to see who, if anybody comes back with future updates/patches before doing anything.

I’m also curious how many people go back and forth to Lilliput just to farm resources freely, return to one of the 3 and bank. I know people do it.


But ~200 population servers, like orun and pluto, are not functional. There is no economy. There is no one to do actives with (opr, dungeons, arenas, open world pvp). You may own a zone, but you are not collecting any taxes, except probably from your own company-mates.

On orun, the server is predominately green, like 5 to 1, maybe. The last war had 60 greens signed up and 25 yellows/purples. It was over in minutes. 1 zone belongs to yellow and another one belongs to purple. Once those flip green (assuming green attacks) there will likely never be a war again on Orun unless the population increases.

The game simply doesn’t function without like +500 active players.

Hey man I’m sorry to hear about the state of the west coast. The truth is other regions are not fairing much better.

AGS knows this game is at a point of no return. Any game developer can see that merges need to happen on the servers ~400 in population to keep people from quitting. They are literally just cashing in on players breaking down and paying those $15 to transfer to another server. They know the game isnt going anywhere a year from now. Honestly im surprised the servers are still up at this point considering the cost to keep them up.

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Yeah those server transfer tokens are definitely keeping the servers running and their salaries paid.


just transfer

The cheap servers New World is obvious on, maybe cost AGS like $15k to $30k per a month. They can just use tax write offs to cover server costs plus some. Remember New World is being hosted on low grade servers.

Total server counts below 10k on a Friday night , that’s a bit sad …New World is on life support and AGS may ask the doctor to pull the plug to end the suffering …

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Im sure it was a nice influx for them short term. They bragged in the video that 10’s of thousands of transfers happened. At 15 bucks a pop it would have been a nice influx.