US West is dead, free region transfers needed

Where do you get this idea from? They are on AWS cloud servers. I dont think those are cheap.

Can you point me to the info you have on the servers. I would love to know more about this

I’m pretty sure AWS has different tiers of servers. Like most other server hosting companies. And New World is more than likely being held on one of the lowest tiers. Big Corps might be spending enough money to buy top tier AWS servers.

All that being said, I could be wrong in my assumption. But I doubt it.

You’re stupid…

Is that what AGS thinks is reasonable, $15 just to transfer a single character to another server, when the (whole) game costs $40?

I knew when I read the whole ‘one character per server’ thing when I bought the game 9 months ago, that something was wrong, and now I see that they thought that folks were going to be willing to pay money, again and again and again, just to avoid playing on a bad server, and when, having bad servers was clearly in AGS interest, in order to milk the paying customers of every penny they thought they could get away with…

I would never pay anything, ever, to receive nothing in return. There should never have been any requirement to spread our 10 characters out, across 5 regions and 2 servers within a given region, instead of just being able to make them all on one sever, in one region if we choose to do so.

Let me ask this, paying $15 to transfer, does this even allow you to put all your characters on the same server at least?

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AGS has to merge servers when needed.

I’m on my 3rd server, and they all end the same. They start at >1500 players during prime time and then fall to <300 players. What are we suppose to? Spend $15 transferring servers ever 2 or 3 months until the servers get turned off? That’s a lot of “friction” for players, AGS.

I will let you know now, you are wrong.

AWS is owned by who? Amazon.


Also, but updating some drivers and changing a few power settings on MY network card, I have zero, (yes zero) stuttering and my ping is sub 10ms.

It is likely an issue you can fix. Easily.

I agree with you. Im not sure if you can transfer to a server with a character already on it. I know merges did that but not sure if transfers will. At best it would still be 2 not all. I think WoWs transfer is like 20 bucks a character though so it is lower than that. However, I think that we shouldnt be charged to move from low pop servers. It should only be a charge to move for people that simply just want to move.

They should be merging these servers. I suspect they dont for two reasons… one is it makes them money by not merging and two they probably think someday they are going to nail a patch that brings an influx (doubt that happens at this point)

In fairness, if they didnt charge for transfers at all then the game would be in even a worse state as companies transfer willy nilly to ruin servers and gold farmers transfer willy nilly to destroy markets. They still should be merging these dead servers though.

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The difference between paying to transfer servers in WoW vs New World, is that you know WoW will be around in 6 months. New world? Who knows…?

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Yes, I agree.

If they had never forced us to scatter our characters about, in the first place, we wouldn’t need transfers.

I’m sick, and not really feeling up to posting, let alone playing, at the moment.

I agree with you, I really do. They handled the entire situation at every stage of it really poorly.

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We will see , population is falling off a cliff , if they don’t merge servers (free of charge) soon players won’t be able to complete content , then population will fall so fast you won’t even have time to post a brain dead reply …

reviving this post because West is at a critical point right now. some action this week or next could save the region at least for a time or at least keep the players in New World.

Any word on this? Is been 12 days and continues to get worse and worse.

It’s been 13 days since you forwarded the feedback “up the chain”


You’re not getting free transfers. They aren’t giving anymore. They’re in the store if you really want to transfer, you’ve got your answer.

AGS will give free transfers again , because people are quitting rather than pay 15 dollars to move to another dead server , so they are losing on both ends . Although AGS seems to be operated by people who take 6 or 7 days off per week , so maybe you’re right , but not for the reasons you think …

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Merges would be better than transfers


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