US-West Isabella and Yonas NEED to be merged ASAP

I think everyone can agree that we would rather have a que to get in then a dead server


Personally, I’m good as it… I know my feedback won’t persuade them not to merge, so don’t hate on me too much for feelin this way.

I just don’t mind the current population, and I think a lot of the fresh start players will come back whenever there’s a new content drop… and if there’s only one Fresh Start server it will be overcrowded.

That’s just my 2 cents, but I’ve tended to be negative towards most mergers… seems like a week after a merger, half the people quit anyway so there’s no real gain… When Ennead was merged into Isabella, half my company quit.

Yeah that’s true, but many players are limited by ping and simply refuse to play east because of it (like myself). There’s no reason to keep 2 dead servers over merging them and at least keeping them alive for a couple more months.

Yeah, I think many of us expected AGS to make the obvious right decision in the first place… To merge Yonas and Isabella at the same time as the other merges… But they didn’t, so now we have these posts.

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I agree. I thought maybe by a slight chance they would see a thread like this and consider it. Similarly to the Titan merge initially when they weren’t going to merge with Yonas then they switched up and did it in the end.

BUMP plz @Kay @Aenwyn

I agree, that’s why I was bumping it. I don’t play on fresh start but I don’t see why not to merge - from a player standpoint.

You could merge Ygg into El D and Yonas into Isabella and not exceed cap based on numbers right now.

But, they might be thinking that they want to keep at least 2 servers of each at least per region - for their own various reasons.

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Appreciate your support!

I can definitely see this being the case, but it’s at the point where the only viable choice is to merge. Hopefully they realize this but hey it’s AGS lol

Merge would be great.

News on a new batch of world merges will be shared shortly. Keep tight!


Please include Avalon :upside_down_face:

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Thank you!

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I hope this includes what I think it includes. Thanks for replying.

You desperately need to merge ALL THE SERVERS while you still have any players left. The economies on every server is so flimsy and every week it gets worse. Still find it hard to believe you haven’t cross server instanced…anything. This game has 4 months of life left at this rate, if that.

Dont merge the last 2 legacy and last 2 fresh starts in the west @Delakron

Just open server transfers. The megacomp’s have already talked how they’re going to farm everyone from Isabella and Jonas for gold by owning the map post merge.

You merge those two you’ll just lose another thousand daily people from those servers because they’ll quit.


Isabella has been dead the last two weeks or so outside of war. Hard to find M10 content and arenas, but at least there is a single game of OPR happening most of the day, but with the same people lol.

Definitely need a merge or possibly allowing FSS players the ability to transfer off into other servers


God i hope this merge happens. It has too. So bored of playing the same sweats in OPR over and Over and Over again from the mega rich companies that just buy everything BIS, also the cheaters who go 60-0 with a musket.

You guys waited WAY too long and killed our server. Should have been done with all the others. Better a 20 man queue than 2 dead servers.

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