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Since the launch of the Fresh Start Servers there has been a significant population drop on Aukumea. Most nights peak population is in the 700s now. Is there any thought or possibility of merging Aukumea and Camelot? Camelot’s population is even lower.

Wouldnt fix the issue. Aukumea is owned by war loggers, they dont put up town buffs, they dont participate in invasions, and the second any of us attempt to take over one of the towns they show up en masse and curse at us for pulling them away from fresh start servers while beating whoever attempted a war into the ground. That’s why most are leaving for El D/Ygg or just going to play on fresh start.

SInce all invasions were losing it’s not profitable or even break even to own a town. Hope those Sannoh Hoodlum Squad idiots are happy, cant make money from a dead server.

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If they merged Aukumea into Camelot the war-logging slumlords you’re talking about would not have any settlements. :slight_smile:

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First off all there is more to the game than wars. So adding more players to the population would make it easier to get expedition groups, 3v3s and OPRs. Secondly until the last few days 3 of the territories were owned by Defaults (many of whom participated in invasions), 2. were owned by The Censored and Knightshift owns 1. Those are all syndicate companies but they all actively participated in invasions. Defaults and The Censored transferred away yesterday after green got a bunch of fresh transfers. Regardless having to servers sub 800 nightly population is worse than having one server that could be around 1200 nightly.

Lmao cry more

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