US West Mag Mell: AGS need your help; Faction change mechanic is flawed

To help with context, let me give you the background of what has happened over the last two weeks on Mag Mell West. Since November 1st, Covenant had held the significant three territories till December. Syndicate and Marauders would try to push a fight, but they couldn’t get a group together to beat the strong four alliance that Covenant made. After a while, a couple of the companies in Covenant got bored and wanted to change things up, with one of the two more substantial companies looking to switch over to the Marauders. The Marauders were unable to work together, take territories, and overall as a faction, were not doing good.

So when these two companies got ready to transfer their whole companies over, word got out. Multiple Syndicate companies heard about the faction swap change and, at the same time, decided to swap to Green also. This was done because they didn’t think they could fight the other companies, and it was a possible moment to seize one of the big three before the other two leading companies could. So in one day, all the strongest pvpers and people fighting against each other went to one faction.

This move/faction swap has harmed Mag Mell, if not a drastic one, as the whole map has turned Green within a week. No one can push back any of the companies on the green from purple and yellow, and even the companies on Green are unhappy because they do not have anyone to fight. This has created a situation even for the companies that now are looking to transfer off because there is

No one to fight, and if you do fight Yellow or Purple, the morale on the other side is crushed
Everyone is unhappy with the situation, and people have no way of fixing it or control
Even if you wait for the faction timer swap, the other companies will swap with the lead one, creating the same scenario.

To fix this, the big Company Colorblind needs to get server transfer tokens, but the other problem is they can’t leave because not everyone has tokens, such as 15-25 members out of 150 people. They don’t want to leave those people behind either, so they are in this situation that negatively impacts everyone on the server. They should be able to leave as if they do, it will also create a power vacuum for the Mag Mell server and allow other companies to step up and fight one another, and the map could change.

AGS, could you help by giving Colorblind and its secondary company transfer tokens so that they can move on and Mag Mell can prosper?


wait so they broke a server by their own actions, and now they deserve free stuff so they can flee the results of those same actions and probably go do the same thing somewhere else since they have not learned a lesson?

Should we reward them with gold too for their behavior?


We had the best purple companies follow us to green once they heard we were transfering. Their idea was to just faction swap, get war decs and milk the server as long as they could. What benefit would we have to switching when we held WW/BW/EF for months. You’re clearly either a troll or just not informed enough on the situation. We literally were trying to improve the server. It really isn’t our fault there is zero safeguard from stopping a mass swap to one faction.

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Also we didn’t push ANY faction off of the map when we were the dominant faction. Green, the weakest of the two, held monarch’s, first light and cutlass keys.

How about this? You just dont swap factions or servers. EVER.

Remove the mechanics. They cause more issues than good things and at this point no server is so full you cant just go make a character there.

It removes any skin anyone had in the game when they can just bail when things go south.

If we want a player driven economy and community, server and factions changes are hugely detrimental to any type of fair play or loyalty.

Incorrect , Colorblind moved then multiple other companies followed when the word got out. Most of those companies were ones that they were fighting and was challenging territories. Now everyone is on the same side due to those actions of the other companies.

We just want to move at this point as if we do it will help balance out the server and allow other companies on purple , yellow and green to thrive.

lmao, my guy, we had nothing left to prove as covenant. Game was getting stale holding the 3 best towns for months. Wanted to try to create a new power struggle between factions that I thought would all be stronger after the move. Covenant had alot of good players that just didn’t get into wars. We went to support the faction that needed the most help.

Hi @Cheezz

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We understand your concern as I can confirm release of second round of transfer token is still a work under progress. Rest assured the Dev team will address this issue soon; we just have to wait for them.

Here is the latest update : [Dev Blog] Server Merges: What Comes Next?

You can also share you feedback in-game:

Submit Feedback

  1. Press Esc, select Game Menu, and then Submit Feedback.
  2. Provide a description of the feedback, rate your experience, and then select Submit.

I hope this information helps!

Thank you.

See you in Aeternum :slight_smile:

Just a heads up, i’ve contacted support and they told me they’ve escalated it to a Dev. In which we should receive some sort of communication back very soon. I’ve been waiting 17 days without any sort of contact.

This actually doesn’t help us and this is exactly what got everyone into this situation.

From my viewpoint, the faction transfer Mechanic is great, but flawed because there’s no way to balance population between the factions.

As we see here, everyone can flop to the faction currently not dominant (literally 100% can if everyone felt like it), and cause this sort of issue anywhere. 2nd, the faction with the least territories can faction swap to the 2nd place faction, so long as they are not first. This decentivies a 3-faction system, since eventually, the smallest faction will dissappear in favor of #1 or #2.

This could be mitigated if faction transfers were -

1 - more frequent. This allows a better player controlled balance, instead of being stuck for 2 months, where everyone starts to leave.

2 - were allowed, free of the Cooldown when there’s a suddenly large population disparity. Shoot, even incentive it with Coin stipend to do so. This would allow better population balance between factions.

3 - not reset for everyone suddenly a all at once, because that’s what causes this mega imbalance to happen.

If everyone is given a free faction change or transfer right now, the issues will become more proliferated. the high pop servers will be flocked to, and the lower 80% will become ghost towns.

There needs to be a live faction population balance at all times. The incentive of “more pvp rewards” will not accommodate any player if the faction is lacking any companies owning a territory. Unfortunately, either mandated population balances or heavier incentives to switch will be needed if you (AGS) want the players to decide the server health.

Hi @Jambardo :grin:

We apreciate your comment about the ways to improve the transfer Mechanic, all feedback is important to us because it help us improving the game experience for all players.

For future reference, let me share with you these steps, in order for you to be able to share your feedback with our team!

  1. Log into the game and load in.
  2. Press Esc, click Game Menu, and then click Submit Feedback.
  3. Provide a description of the feedback, rate your experience, and then click Submit.

You can also use the Feedback section of this forum.

See you in Aeternum :grinning:

Hi @Wonderer ,

I have taken your advice, but the in game submit feedback character limit drastically limits the full scope and severity of the issue, as well as the feedback suggestion. I have placed what I could in the given space, but I ask if you have any power to do so, please link this forum post to the feedback ticket.

Hello @Jambardo :grin:

I want to thank you for taking the time to provide feedback and share this post about transfer mechanics, as it helps us improve the gaming experience. Informing us through the forum is enough for our team to take your feedback in consideration.

I’m glad that you took the time to make such a planned and detailed post, i love to see how passionate are players like you about our game and it’s mechanics. :grin::exploding_head:

This is such a CAP. You failed to mention that before you all switched, 100 people from yellow already switched to green 5 days prior.

These were members of yellow that were tired of the way you did things. We were going to take your land after switching factions. Instead of actually fighting, you switched.

So in reality, you were the ones actually running away to join a faction that you knew was on the rise.

You mess up the server and demand transfer tokens. That makes no sense. Stop lying on the forums.

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Yup, my company and a few others that were blacklisted by yellow for the simple reason we joined the server too late all faction changed to fight the main yellows. But with the threat of us attacking and the Chinese mega company that can push a conflict in 30 min main yellow all swap over and get your city gifted back so there is no way to lose it. It wasn’t purple swapping over that killed this serve. It was yellow running from any conflict that they couldn’t stage there way out of. When we first joined the server main yellow “helped” us in a war by telling us to get “get off point” and “don’t cap points till everyone is dead” ( they later did this exact same thing to another company) Aside from when green took over the whole map the only wars I ever saw were fake land transfers that all ended in under 5 min. Main yellow didn’t know how to fight real wars and didn’t want to learn so they use that 1.2 mil WW money to pay people to gift them their town back, ruining the server and the game for everyone unfortunate enough to be on that server.

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