US West Server merge Petition


i’m looking at US West server stats and we don’t even have a thousand players across 4 servers please just merge them all, this way the economy can continue.

Skills are all arriving at max level, especially for persistent players, and minimal PVP due to low pop.

These issues could all be solved by merging the 4 into 1. Then players who want PVP are available those who just wish to PVE can continue to do so unaffected.

its saddening to see new world die so quickly i had hopes this is the WoW killer.

but after several failed launches and horrible grinding with little to no incentive somethings got to give.

  • more dungeons
  • more monsters
    -more gameplay pve pvp daily quests

something revitalize this game lol


They dont want to merge servers unless they are forced to. It will kill their income because of the transfer tokens. Just listen to the dev video where they brag about 10’s of thousands of players transferring. Thats 15 bucks a pop for them.

I would hope they would prefer long term income, rahter than short term income via transfers.

I dont mind spending at all on games or content, however i will not pay to stay in populated servers to simply be able to play a low pop game.

If they made good decisions they wouldnt have had to merge servers at all because people would be playing this game in force. Instead they would rather timegate, rng, and make you grind like a job while never letting your reach the carrot.

It’s sad but you are right,

i stopped playing after the launch and i’ve recently returned to find myself in the same place as before.

" LFG "
“Im down”
“Whats GS”
“sorry not able to take you”

Goes to do ECR’s to farm for GS until groups will allow me to accompany them into a dungeon.

Run dynasty non stop slowly climbing up.

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