USA Servers dead or dying, need free transfers or more mergers

@Feckin , if you have such a problem with how the game has been delivered and how it’s being maintained then I would suggest you move onto a different game.

At the end of the day this is just a game, no need to get frustrated. Considering the only cost you HAVE to make is the initial copy of the game, there has been enough content to get a decent investment of time out of it. If the enjoyment has gone for you then walk away and find something else to sink your time into :slight_smile:

Arguing with other people is not helping anything. Don’t waste your time and energy hating on something. Let it go and walk away :slight_smile: Give the team some time to work on the game and maybe pop back in a few months. The game hasn’t had the smoothest of journeys but it’s up to AGS to fix it, allow them the time to do so.

It is what it is!

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Well, we’ve come down to about a meager 1% of the original game peak, and it keeps going down, slowly, but steadily.

If AGS would introduce war fatigue, like, 90% of the megacompanies problems would get insta-fixed.

That would fix nothing. Those people have alt accounts. Many of them.

Legitimate players don’t and they’d be punished by this, while mega company people would circumvent it like they do most of the restrictions in the game already.

Of course it is , you replied with an idiotic statement , just like you have in the past, you proved my point exactly…tyvm

I’m entertaining myself , more going on here than in the game , why are you wasting your time telling me not to waste my time ? I would add that my critical analysis of the game is held by over 98% of those who played , as shown by the mass exodus . Why do you think having a different opinion is an argument ? You sound like a woman who is too sensitive to have an open discussion. Game is almost dead , Penfold asked me to stay for the funeral , I was invited.

I would not say I am wasting my time as I enjoy being a part of this forum. Similar to you it would seem :slight_smile:

I just never see the point of holding on to arguments etc so I just laugh them off and move on. Just my thoughts, you do as you please :slight_smile:

Enjoy the funeral, don’t forget to bring some flowers :rofl:

I see you have never read a prospectus.

What bullshit that is.

I think you should leave also. Stop making shit up.

The last merging people threw a tantrum complaining against the merging of servers and now we’re right back to people demanding merges. lol

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Friday night total population is below 10k , it’s dying faster than I predicted , it may not make it till Christmas …ouch .

NAE has been under 10k for 2 months now lol

It peaked 5861 today

Boring Grinder is Boring Grinder. Most gamers play games for entertainment proposes after coming home from the grind. When a MMO Grinder has less than 1/4 the content of current feature rich MMO Grinders. The company should either being trying to at least make it a fun grind. But nope they just want to make it as imposing and tedious as possible. So of course the out come was set in stone.

Make the game fun not tedious. Or at best it’ll end up like ArcheAge and Bless with less than 5k users worldwide. With most of them being bots and gatekeepers trying to sell RMT services.

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Its over.

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It was under 10k across all servers , that’s on a Friday night …

The game historically loses at least 20% of its player base each month (except for April where it gained a few players). It will about take 2-4 months for the average player count to be below 10k, so by September or October things should be looking pretty bad unless something changes.

AGS should merge servers to prevent people from prematurely exiting. Additionally, returning players do not want to come back to dead servers.

I had been saying when servers don’t have enough players to complete or enjoy game content it’s all over …

When will that be? Give a date.

Your voice will silenced if you are right. Where will you go to celebrate? What will people think if you celebrate people losing jobs?

Oh did they shutdown the servers and forums and i didnt notice?

AWS is very bad communicating things.