Use GMT 24 hours system

Could be possible to use the GMT 24 hours system to announce downtimes? It’s really weird reading that the downtime is going to be at 12 PM - Madrid time which is GMT + 1 and this is not happening.


For reference: [Downtime] New World Update: 1.0.1
For devs: Greenwich Mean Time - Wikipedia


Except Madrid is not currently GMT+1, it is GMT+2 more commonly known as Central European Summer Time until the 31st October when it will return to Central European Time and be back at GMT+1.

GMT never changes and so it doesn’t account for DST.


Yeh time should be localised to the client, so we get actual correct times. However the patch was on time, if you take into account the natural delay in taking networks offline. But the ingame timer, when someone posted a comment… was an hour before… not 2 minutes ago as it suggests.

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I think it is scaled to GMT. They were just 45 minutes late shutting down the servers.

Actually they should use Universal Time which is there for all countries to base off for a reason. BST is 1 hour after UTC and DST (British Daylight Savings Time) is exactly the same as UCT.

UCT is used because it doesn’t alter for Daylight savings in any country.


Well said. GMT has daylight savings, but there’s some countries that do not have DST, so their GMT offset changes twice a year.

UTC is more appropriate, but people still have no idea of the difference between GMT and UTC so it causes confusion.

Time zones are bloody hard.

Sorry but that is not correct, GMT does not have DST, it will never change time, which is why countries like the UK will switch to BST.

Yes, it should show the client’s local time. The others asking for the times to be displayed in UTC is frankly silly. Nobody should need to do their own UTC offset calculations according to their timezone and DST in 2021.

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xD - uncultured

The UK has BST and GMT, UTC is the same as GMT.

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I’m quite aware of that, my response was to the comment above saying that GMT has DST which it does not.

You are indeed correct. As I said, time zones are a pain in the arse, and nobody gets them right, even when they think they do :slight_smile:

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The problem mostly is DST, different countries adopted it for different reasons, some to conserve energy/fuel, some to aid farming, and some actually just to allow people to make the most of their summer time after finishing work.

There are many governments currently at varying levels of progress of abandoning it now and I do look forward to a time where it vanishes.

Yes YEs YEs

Spot on.

Being precise about time terminology prevents misunderstandings. I’d recommend they always use the UTC time for any significant server action, and then reference a couple of currently observed times in major cities for reference; e.g., the major cities near where the server clusters are physically located, like Sydney, Frankfurt (?), Washington D.C., and etc.

The easiest way to prevent all these timezone related complications would be to add countdowns to all such announchments. :slight_smile:


Totally agree! Just use UTC, which is the defacto world wide standard. And if needed, everybody can just use google to translate it into their local time.
Btw, they already updated the statement a little bit, so you can actually see LA and Berlin (or is it calculated from the clients info).

Also funny … apparently we’re not able to calculate 240 / 60 …

Speaking of clocks, when you enable “Show FPS” under “Visuals”, my time zone automatically displays Pacific Standard Time (PST) even though I am EST and my set server region is U.S. East. Is there a way for the clock to actually display EST instead of PST or any other time zones? Another bonus would be to have a perma clock displayed in either corner without having all the “performance stats” displayed. Thanks.

For the announcements here on Discourse: the date/time format is tied to your language settings. By default it will be US English and you get 5:00 PM. But if you set it to UK English you get 17:00 instead.

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Nahhh, that means you might recognize you’ve already spent too much time today for the game :wink:
But yes, I would also like to have a clock in the game.