Use Your Voice Effectively On The Forums

TLDR: In progress. I am working so I have to step away from this from time to time.

So I have been looking through the forums and I have started to notice a trend when it comes to getting feedback from the devs with your post.

I assume most everyone here is a fan of the game and emotes their feelings here because they care about how the game is going. So I also assume you want your feedback to be taken seriously.

Let us look at two posts about expertise that have been making the rounds today.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit A Stats:

156 replies
37 users

This post is 16 days old, but it has been getting active with more discussion today.

There is not a lot of meat to the post, just the title really and some quick maths.

Exhibit B:

Exhibit B Stats:

167 replies
78 users

We have more well thought out reasoning for their issue.

When there is nothing in the post for the forums to really grab onto and discuss, your post leaves them open to move the conversation anywhere and there is not much that can be taken from the posts.

Go read the threads and you will see which one actually provides some usable feedback for the devs.

Which is why one has a response from the dev team and the other does not.

Exhibit C:

It seems pretty clear that posts that have more constructive feedback will carry more weight. Use your voice effectively.

This is not throw shade at anyone’s posts. I just want the forums to be more useful to the devs, which in turn could help with getting things changed in the right direction.


Adding a quote from a Dev echoing a similar mindset as my post.

How you approach things makes a differnce. We shall call it…

Exhibit D:


LOL! You can see my formal “Wishlist of Changes for New World” post next to my other post “PTR NOTES TODAY?! ljsiakdhfjklashdfsldjhfaslkdhjf”

Yeahhh, I cannot explain my posting habits sometimes…

I must say though that you are totally right that generally if you provide some content to discuss it keeps things on topic versus letting things go wherever the wind takes it. I do however despite giving some groundwork often have people come in and not read anything and write something along the lines of “New World DED LOL!” so YMMV haha.

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Never gonna stop trolls from trolling. :rofl:

I just want to help those who actually want to have the conversation who may feel ignored by the devs and are unsure why.

I think the worst one are the people that genuinely get upset over my hippo post. Very distressed that I would suggest that hippos would actually fix the game. Upset that I would even suggest anything other than fixing desync and balancing weapons. I mean clearly hippos would fix everything though, but that is beyond the point!

Good post! I really appreciate when we get some really high quality posts with good discussion. Especially posts that try and solve the problem and propose a solution without making things too easy and considering some of the fine details that are often overlooked from a player perspective.


I’d think that somewhere in a 400 reply thread about how they destroyed open world pvp by randomly choosing to NERF EVERY SINGLE OPEN WORLD PVP MISSION, they could have found some substance to reply to.
Like that thread on the main page now, which sits waiting for a response.

I know a bunch of people gave solid suggestions there that could have been read, addressed or even “taken to the devs”.

And yet… they did not.


Yeah that thread in particular has been frustrating. I think this thread is talking about the likelihood of getting a response and when a post starts with some good substance it generally leads to better discussion and feedback. Not that you cannot get anything from the less productive style either.


There has been times AGS has not addressed some of the good posts, and if you go through my post history, you will see I have also called on them to take more feedback from the community.

I am focused on trying to help people get some of their posts seen when they may feel like it should. Usually the issue is the post itself and not their feelings about it.

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I also thought I would find some useful tips here, but I just found confrontations to create controversy and more criticism with correlations than feedback on how people post.

I do agree that posts should be more constructive, and such posts, DO exist, I have made them myself without receiving a single reply or like. BUT such is the nature of the forums to pursue controversy. Hence why this post, that literally offered almost nothing, is more popular that lists of ideas and solutions provided to the Devs, which they totally and completely ignore.

Sadly, only by piggyback on popular controversial posts, we can get our ideas to Devs AND debate such ideas and refine them. Most people here don’t care about ideas or solutions.

And also, the forums could be structured better to filter feedback and prioritize what matters most to most people. Like Polls and sub-sections to problem reports etc…

I actually didn’t mind the more “difficult” or “grindy” experience of new world when it first came out, but it is apparent that gamers do not want that anymore. The developers have to make life easier and not harder. They probably have to buff things instead of nerfing things. I don’t exactly agree with it, but I think it’s the reality AGS needs to accept. Every time they do an update they need to ask themselves will this time gate content moreor make life more difficult for players? If so, they shouldn’t do it. Otherwise, thousands of people will quit playing like they did when they nerfed GC quests last week.

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100% agree


Bump so edit can be seen. Devs are starting to say similar things to what I said in this post.

Remember, they are people too and while we struggle with our feelings about the game, this is their day to day life.

They should maybe keep a similar thought in mind:

Steam says I spent 64 hours on this game in the past two weeks, and I doubt Im the most tryhard guy out there. That’s more than a part time job and in doing so I’m making sure they still have their jobs. Once the community is gone, there’s no need for it to be managed.

A lot of us are loudly unhappy because this IS our day to day as well, and we’re in it suffering the negative results of nerf-heavy changes that just keep rolling in. We have no recourse but to make angry posts about it. Had sensible posts worked, we would still be trying those.

They just have to deal with loudmouths on a forum and toss the occasional good suggestion up the line to someone who might or might not read and deal with it. They have power to affect change, and we don’t.

If the loudmouths get out of line they can get rid of them.

If my game is full of bugs and nerfs, I can’t go ban the problems.

You may be right but gotta remember that they are also gonna feel feelings when stuff is said certain ways.

Don’t get me wrong. you can criticize the game. My point was and is when people attack them while doing it, it will make them want to not even read the post.

How you express your feelings is in your control. Don’t let the lizard brain rule you. You are not the Lizard King.

But we do need hippos

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Absolutely, was happy to hear that the devs actually gave sat around and considered it at a meeting. Genuinely hoping they fit well into Brimstone Sands in an oasis or something.

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I can see some corrupted hippos in our future.