Used free transfer on Alt RIP

Title says it all. I am one of the people with bugged tradepost, and I been trying any of the work arounds people list. someone said that they had one about transferring a alt and then their main was able to transfer after that.

I thought maybe each character gets a free transfer. Not one per account. So I tried it, then bam can’t transfer my main now RIP. Even if he is still bugged. World transfer isn’t in the store shop anymore.

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Typical new world experience

same thing happened for me.
i used my transfer token on alt character level 8, thinking that i have that token available for both my characters.

now im stuck with my level 57 character in a dead server Emathia, not only dead but i have lots of problems there.
sometimes can’t join for almost half an hour, having massive lag (rubberbanding, gathring delay, overall bad experince) and no friend there.

please new world, please let me buy or have another token so i can play the game which we all love.

Hi @EcchiSenpai,

I apologize for the inconvenience!

But you are right, as of right now the developers only gave one free transfer token per account, you need to wait for the developers to either give out more transfer tokens or enable the paid transfer tokens.

Here is the official notice/article about the transfers!

Thanks for understanding! Take care!

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Here is the Megathread with all or most FAQs. :smiley:

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imagine using your server transfer token on a lvl 8 that takes about 15 mins to get to lol


lol yeah my bad.
i just wanted to know how it works so i dont mess up my transfer with the main character. my bad.

“or enable the paid transfer tokens” - how exactly do you do that? I (as may others) regretted using my free token, and wish to transfer back to my “old” server. Is it still possible to make a request to move server? Thanks

they don’t do that. i asked, anything with server transfer (once you used yours) they won’t help. you have to wait for another free token or purchasable ones.

Also don’t expect much, this seems to come further in distanced future if it ever will. i asked and the answer was Amazon have to decide (No decision yet) if they even wanna make server transfers available again.

So, next week there is a chance to give us free/paid server/world transfer token?.


As @vahid.panjali said, there are no expectations right now.

Thanks for understanding!

oof maybe if the game wasn’t bugged in the first place i wouldn’t have had to try different ways to unbug my tradepost and transfer my character now i have to pay for one, who knows when sigh

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