Used New World to bench a brand new laptop

Brand new laptop with a 3060 and i5 11300H with a max boost of 4.4GHz yet new world pushed it to 5.2GHz

So you used something dead to test something new. Nice…

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A lot of testing is done this way…

Should limit test stuff before warranty expires. And somehow NW manage to bypass a couple of limitations, which benchmark apps don’t.

i5?? What timeline is this?

Gen number is more important than the i number.

I mean I don’t build any serious gaming rig without at least an i7 but each and to its own.

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I’ve always used i7 in desktop builds and my laptop purchases but the i5 is a very capable chip especially for a laptop with heat concerns. I go with MSI, their laptops cool well.

Some i5 and i7s are practically identical, take i5 11300H and i7 11370H for instance.

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