Useful info on Keen for PvPers

Many already know this, but for new players.


solid video, been saying this for a minute and u didnt even mention the guaranteed crit people get for 300 dex.

never knew that dragonfly ring existed. gonna go farm, CHEERS

edit: the dragonfly ring doesnt exist RIP


Yes the guy tests things a lot. Its far better to test against actual players with certain stats and perks, than dummies.

Can’t watch RN but can you give me a TLDR? If I understood correctly for PVP and with weapons at 1.3 crit multiplier keen is kinda wasted?

Is there sound for this video? I’m getting sound fine from other youtube vids, but not this one.
Nevermind opening it in a separate tab got the sound to work.

Now I want this ring xD

One of the reasons why I like Keenly Jagged more than Vicious is on this video.
Vicious, when hitting people with full resilient equals to 10% more damage.
Keenly Jagged equals to 7% weapon damage for 6 seconds (7 if you use the Mark from Bow passive), for a total of 42%+ more damage each 10 seconds. To make up for this, you would have to crit 5 times in 10 seconds using Laz Bow. Bow fire rate now is 44 shots/minute or 7 hits in 10 seconds if you’re lucky (almost impossible to hit 7 times the same target in 10s) - you would need a 70% crit chance to do more damage with Vicious than Keenly Jagged.
Even with the new Bow from PTR with increased fire-rate, it doesn’t pay off.

That’s why Lazarus Bow is trash to me and I use the Creeping Recurve until I craft or buy the one with Keenly Empowered/Keen/Enchanted

Anyone surprised that GA was not on that list of weapons that don’t benefit from Keen?


While i appreciate the time and effort spend by Fusion Thunder, some of his Videos are just plain wrong or at least biased.

His Keenly Empowered Video shows that fairly drastically. Testing KE with Abilities → choses to use Maelstrom (110% dmg, its more or less just 2 Autoattacks with 360° hitbox) AND just macroed the Rotation … No words.

Also he got corrected multiple times about KE cooldown mechanic (he says that if KE proccs, it will last 5sec and then has a 10sec cooldown - thats just plain wrong, as the cooldown starts immediatly after proccing, so in reality you’ll have a 50% uptime on KE)

I still like his vids but i have to watch carefully how he’s testing things …


I argue with people all the time that Laz bow is not the best for PvP. They keep telling me I’m wrong. I wouldn’t call it trash though.

I’m not sure… I have tried to use creeping recurve as it should do more damage to the majority of targets being that it is a flat 11% damage + keenly jagged. Lazarus does seem to consistently hit harder. That is totally anecdotal though… I haven’t done anything clinical :rofl:

I think one of these days I’m going to get a company member to let me ping him with my bows all day. I have all of them I think. Personally infinite truth was my favorite but that could be because I used it so long before I finally got Laz bow to drop. I’m honestly not much of a fan of creeping recurve.

I actually grinded for the laz bow and got creeping trying to get the spear… Inherent does seem good for sure. I would love to swap out keen on the laz bow for something else. What can you do though :person_shrugging: imagine if crafting was worth it :rofl:

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Need. This. Ring.
One ring to rule them all

In the first days I changed from Laz to Creeping recurve I also felt that, but in the long term you’ll note an increase in your overall damage on wars / OPRs, just like me.

I might give it another go :grin::+1:

Sorry, but I’m unclear to what you are referring.

To this

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Thank you.

I have one just like it for sale. Dex int. Server midgard

thing i hate about vicious it doesnt effect headshots. Crit % doesnt effect headshots either obviously…

So like if you wanna hit squishies real hard with a headshot, need vorpal / enchanted on bow and thrust on ring .

only dropped bow with vorpal / enchanted :


does seem possible to roll vorpal and enchanted together though.

God roll ? : vorpal/enchanted/attunement