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Okay so let’s provide some useful information, how-to’s, guides etc. Could be a better use of our time in building a community, instead of all the server queue talk. To be fair, I’m not sure how much these are updated, if they are accurate, or what… I’ve not maxed everything out. But here we go!

Adequately named! Feel free to look for all of the points of interest on the current Aeturnum map!

The title speaks for itself. Here’s a practical guide to leveling up your fishing.

New World Server Status Checkers

Damage Type vs Mob Types Quick Chart |
Submitted by @Reposter in another thread!

Item Lookup and Other Info!


May I add another one?

Gives you an ETA on Queue’s and server pop.


Yes! Add everything you all feel is important!



Shoot, the world status one broke on me when I clicked on a column to sort. I’ve tried reloading the page, but it won’t list the servers any more at the bottom. That was the one I was hoping for. :disappointed: Very cool though.

Crazy how my new server has one of the biggest queues now at time. Thankfully I play in the morning and/or early afternoon.

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Another New World Server Status! Will add to my original post.

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@The_Sway thank you for this thread. Especially the fishing guide, which I had been wanting badly. Great work collecting these useful links.

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Hopefully more to come! Also, I’ve seen you around the forums. Absolutely brilliant name!

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Thank you very much. I’m glad you like it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

On the webpage press CTRL+Shift+R and give it a min or 2. if that doesnt work, clear you cookies related to that site. Happened to me.

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It’s actually working really well, I just wasn’t being patient. Have a better feel for how it updates now when I refresh.

I was really curious to see how my server looked at night but didn’t want to have to fire up the client to see it.

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What are the best wikis at this point? Who seems to be building theirs out the best?

I would like to add this
Its good if you want to find a specific item in the game :slight_smile:

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Added! Very cool

thank you sooooooooo much for this!

Feel free to add anything helpful you come across! I for one, know I’m all for having more info.

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