Useless precious metals

There are metals in the game such as silver, gold and platinum. But unfortunately, their game need is served when the jeweler skill reaches 150. And then they are replaced by orichalcum. It would be a good decision to add a few platinum ingots to the craft of orichalcum, for example 2. This will increase the cost of crafting it, as well as give life to these metals.
Otherwise, these are just dead-end resources, just like the multi-colored rar drops from trees that cannot be processed into coal or equal planks.

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I agree, the 150+ jewellery should require its own metal… or “pristine orichalcum” that would be made from platinum ingots instead of starmetal ones. Might use its own 200 metal as well.
The platinum and gold ore is worthless, you just lose silver ingots and level slower.

Or a better option is making asmodeum come from platinum and no orichalcum requirement. The current system makes as much sense as having tier 5 cloth items needing runestones instead of infused silk. Asmodeum should come directly from precious ores not an entirely different branch of materials.

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I think that by introducing precious metals into the orichalcum, we will add it to the azmodeum as well. And this will greatly increase the value of expensive metals. And it’s less difficult than reworking the system by introducing 2 new metals above platinum. For separating precious metals for jewelry

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