User Interface 'quality of life' at the Trading Post

I would like to spark some thought about some potential quality of life improvements with the trading post user interface.

  1. When attempting to sell items, would it be possible to have some little “tick boxes” or some other type of button / option that would allow you to toggle “in bag only items”, “in city shed only items”, or both on person and in shed items? So many times, I just want to sell something in my bags when I am in a town with a shed full of materials and having to scroll through the list “even alphabetically which I gratefully appreciate” can sometimes be quite tedious.

Also, could we have a type-able search feature on the sell tab? This way if I know exactly what I want to sell, I can type in ‘item name’ and go directly to said item.

  1. Regarding furniture plans / schematics: A filter that would remove already known plans / schematics would be amazing. While there are tick boxes for usable items and level appropriateness, these two options do not currently weed out plans you already know. For instance, the lovely Maple Chest of Drawers: If you already looted the plan at some point during playing and learned it, when you go shopping at the trading post, I would love the option to remove already known items, so that I don’t accidentally purchase the plans for the Maple Chest of Drawers.

Thank you for your time.

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As I remember something like this was (one of many UI improvements) asked and requested since before launch.

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