Using faction seal changed level requirement

I bought the cabalist heavy chest and boots. I was a level 47 and they were listed as level 47 items in the shop. I even equipped them and it was all fine. Then I go to craft them into dex statted pieces using the faction seal and they came out as level 53 items.

I even deleted my current armor before doing this so my character is now just naked as I can’t wear the armor I just bought. This was a massive waste of time for me getting all the tokens needed for this. My friend group and I were just getting back into the game last week since launch, and this will probably make me quit again if not resolved.

At least refund my faction tokens so that I can go buy the medium armor.

Hello and welcome to the forums @max.mck,

I am sorry to hear you seem to be having issues with your equipment level after using the faction seals on it.

Please try the following steps in order to troubleshoot this:

  1. Please verify the integrity of game with the Steam integrity check
    How To run a Steam Integrity Check

If the issue persists after this, the scenario will require our tech team to look into your logs and follow up directly with other possibly sensitive account information we cannot post on the forums so it would be best if you could please create a web ticket by going to Contact Us | Amazon Games.

I hope this helps and if not, do not hesitate reaching out to live support.

See you in Aeternum! :wolf:

I remember this happened to me a few months ago while still leveling, same exqct scenario.

Hope it gets fixed

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Thanks for the reply! Verified the game files integrity and the problem still persists. I opened a web ticket.

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