Using macro to prevent kick

Hi there,

I was streaming another game early today and decided to login New World to talk about game with my followers. Also one of them want to login at same time and we wait exactly 61 mins and 29 secs (i double checked on stream panel) to login game. After that i started collecting some motes on where i am and see a guy who constantly pressing x to prevent kick from server.

This guy is just one player. He replied my pm after 10 mins and told me about blabla you are right but your unprepared server transfers ruined some servers AGAIN. yesterday on Bifrost we were queued 1k+ players and as i heard (can’t try because i already used my token and have char on Bifrost) people still can transfer to Bifrost.

I’m sure there are another servers with long queue time and so many players using macro because have no penalty for using that.

I’m adding a video about guy who i see today and a SS about what he told me but i want to say that again, it’s not about that guy only. You can’t say people to go empty servers, you make rules to force people go empty servers.

Video: Elynhild using macro - YouTube

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