Using Recipes Already Known

For those that don’t know, in order to learn a recipe, you Salvage it. But the issue is, there is no indication you have already learned it, so when you Salvage it, it gets destroyed and you end up wasting it.

Can we please get some sort of Already Known or Already Learned indication on dropped recipes?



There should, without a doubt, be a notification in the tooltip that tells you it’s already learned.

I would also like to see a journal section for recipes I’ve learned. I feel like it would be nice. And slightly less annoying than checking each individual crafting station.


I second this.


Agreed. Just wasted a cooking recipe not knowing I already had it. Very silly that this wasn’t already implemented. Game needs A LOT of QoL updates


Not to mention, that Furniture Recipes arent even called like what you learn. You get the “Maple Bed 02” but you learn Maple full Bed. You dont even know what you will learn…


Even better – do not RNG drop a recipe you already know. Give us something else.

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Recipes having the actual name of what you are learning would be great as well. Especially when looking for unknown ones an the trading post

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Bump. This another QoL feature I’d like to see as well. It’s helpful to know if you can simply sell a recipe or not, rather than waste it if you already know it.

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Can we get this bumped.
This mechanic of your character having no memory of what recipes they know and needing to run back and check a work stations known recipes is really bad.

No one trusts the games tooltips anymore, but the recipes don’t even have a tooltip that tells you if you know it or not.
Gota run around with a wallet of screenshots just to make sure you don’t salvage something you already know.

There is no popup that tells you " You already know this" when you salvage a recipe… nothing.

Are we still in a duped beta?


Please don’t let this thread die it’s a major issue end game as you have to keep a spread sheet of what you know and don’t know.




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This is what I resorted to personally. I went on some sites that had all the recipes listed and what the “real” name was for the furniture ones and plugged in what I already had and then any time I get near the trading post I look up to see if any are for sale I do not have yet. Same for drops. I check against the spreadsheet and if I don’t have it I salvage or put it up for trade as soon as I can.

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100% agree with this suggestion!

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Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll forward it to the team to keep in mind.


I’m using a spreadsheet for this but I think it’s a nice QoL feature. The different names between the schematic and what you actually craft is also a bit silly. Atm though, I think there are so much other things that require attention though so I’d put it in the low priority category. By the way there’s also things with completely swapped names:

Schematic: Fireplace Books = Fireplace Poker Set
Schematic: Fireplace Pokers = Fireplace Books

I haven’t been able to craft it yet though to see what comes out of it

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I’ve salvaged recipies i have known, i got fibers and it clearly said i already knew the recipie when salvaging it. or did it just work properly on a few recipies?


The indication should also be visible within the auction house. Especially furniture schematics because we can’t see in the ah what they give thanks to the confusing names.


I agree let us know what recipes we already learned and also when we want to buy them on market it would be very useful to know that we already learned that recipe. +1


What further complicates this is that not all of the names of the recipes and the items match up. Look at furniture crafting, there are items where the name of the recipe is entirely different than the name of the crafted item, so it’s not even possible to “look” at which you have to know. There needs to be some systemically generated flag showing what you have and what you dont.

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