Utopia down for maintenance?

Whole company got booted and can’t get back in. Getting a “Down for Maintenance” message but can’t find anything on forums

It just came back up. What is going on with the servers…

I’m having the same problem, I can’t login and get a notification that the server is under maintenance. but I saw on the website the utopia status server is not under maintenance

It’s been a mess the last two days. Hope they sort it

Hello @everyone ! :wolf:

I hope all of you are doing great :smiley:

I’m really sorry to read that you were kicked out from the server with no previous warning, please let me know if is still saying that is under maintenance to try to find any info related to that, following the info provided by @forevernora I’ve checked the status of the server in here Server Status | New World and the status of the server is online.

There are some posts related to the same issue in different servers but it didn’t take more than 30 minutes to came back on.

I hope everything is fine now :grin:

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@Tenjiu unfortunately it’s happened again (11.15pm AEDT)

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