V0C explains why MOST Legendary Items and MANY End Game Crafting Materials are NOT DROPPING

Yes, this is 100% exactly the problem.

But that doesn’t change the core problem. Ofc we will start to get 590 gear, but if exceed procs, for that 590 drop it will be insta 600 gear, you’ll never see 592-599.
ExceedMax is not having correct code in it self to roll random numbers from given ammount

mi no dev, mankey see, mankey sey.

@Kay @NW_Mugsy @Luxendra any news on a potential fix. Surely it wouldn’t be too difficult to fix I hope…

Devs just confirmed a FIX to this in the 1.05 patch notes !!!


Finally going to get into the 590-600 Bracket after a month of it being off

Here you can see the mistake in the CODEBASE

Here you can see the line from the 1.05 patch notes confirming the fix


As for the missing legendary mats such as Enchanted Bow String that drops from “Humanoid Creatures”, any hint? Could it drop from world PVP players?


Holy shit that is scary and confusing… if that is actually the code… who in TF right mind wrote that?!
Minecraft has a better loot system than this bull shit.


so now, 590 is the new 591 that wasn’t really the soft cap we all assumed, good luck all on unlocking your 590-600 Brackets tomorrow after the patch!


takes a player to fix a game


So players have to develop the game now, nice. Cant say that i disapprove with the staggering incompetence from the AGS developers so far.
Ive been working in this industry for a while, this is really unprecedented.


Bit strange since the lego mats are used for lower level weapons also.
We will see after this patch.

Increasing watermark to 600 trough smithing is more then good system imo. gives atleast some purpose to level up these skills with the combat. combat is already superiour over any other skill to take first to max

It’s shocking to see that the players are now coding the game for the developers, but if it works, screw it I guess. Thank you for noticing this and fixing their game


this is finding mistake i json file not coding a game :wink:

I dropped an enchanted bow string mate…

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Wait, so you can craft Warpwood bow now?

Where? if you can say that

Which is even worse, if I can spot it with just basic Minecraft modding experience, how the hell did “experienced developers” working on a AAA game managed to screw it up that badly in the first place?

so you were wrong. they still don’t drop.

I mean , its all working for me now …

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legendary parts still don’t drop