Valhalla down Sunday for maintenance

The Valhalla login queue was stuck and then it was taken down for maintenance. Any ETA on repair?


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Mine says its under maintenance

Edit: just read the rest of your message

Well poo!

The server likely crashed and should automatically come back up within 30 minutes.

The notice said “briefly” or something to that effect. I noticed I couldn’t access storage and then I saw the server restart message. Most players looked like little more than floating heads. There was definitely some issue. Hopefully a restart is all it needs.

Hello @captain_qwark and everyone else,

I’m sorry about the issue you’re facing with the server, as far as I can see the status of the server is good, are you still getting any issue to login to the game? If that’s so please let me know.

As well you can check the status of the servers here:

If you need further assistance in any other issue please don’t hesitate in reaching us again!