Valhalla down time. august 17 2022

Server maintenance message came up after we started an expedition. name is Againststigma, also RamenMun, WW2Fanatic, RealDexm, Wulfsige Aston. we were in a mutated 10 Genesis and the server maintenance came up mid run and also kicked up before we finished. we wouldn’t have done a run if the message had popped earlier and also been on forums or updates but it wasn’t. so now we are down a mutation. especially since its already limited its fairly annoying. I would like my run back or to take of mutation limits entirely.


This marks the second unscheduled downtime for Valhalla in less than a week.

@Aenwyn @Kay

With no forum post yet they tell us to check the forums…


Amazons lack of awareness of how these actions affect the players of their game is fascinating. If they actually cared or paid attention in any way they would actually give notice for maintenances like this or at least give compensation after the fact. I honestly don’t have faith that they even have a way to even reset mutation limits for our server, let alone give everyone 1 more.

The crazy thing is I know this mutation group was doing these mutations in like less than 17 minutes, which means if there was any notice given at all it was less than 17 minutes of notice. Really inexcusable if you ask anyone that’s ever played a video game in their entire life.

-1 mutation attempt

Also ramenmun had 19 runs left before the run where we were kicked now he is at 17

So just reporting:

Luxendra is on the AGS Discord letting us know that they are looking into this.

Valhalla should be coming back up now, if not already up.

They are looking into why this has happened a couple of times now.

I’m having a hard time believing that the server would be completely and unexpectedly crashing during off peak hours like this

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