Valhalla trading post bot signaling

Character Name: hawkai
Server Name: valhalla
Summary of the Exploit: salamander slime buy orders at 31.10 and spinefish fin buy orders at 22.30 periodically placed to trigger mass dumping of mats, i’m guessing from bots
Where you can utilize this exploit: trading post
How did you find this exploit: worked & traded nonstop (no-lifed) past 7-10 days to corner and control the market on T5 offensives/protectives to make infused coatings/tinctures/wards. Over time have driven prices above original bot signals (which would be lost in the noise before but now are well below trading post prices and irrational). Woke up early this morning, wee hours, and caught a massive transaction – someone posts sell order for slimes at 31.10 for example and massive amounts (500+) get dumped also at that price even though buy orders well above that and sell orders at 70-90 gold each
Is it reproduceable? If yes, please list the steps: just watch the market. There are periodic sell orders always from same towns for these items always at same prices, regardless of what actual market is doing. Now that prices are above these levels they stick out like a sore thumb. So far I have noticed salamander slimes are 31.10 from MB and spinefish fins at 22.30 from Windsward.

Hello! :mage:

I understand that you have encountered someone exploiting the market by using dumping to drop the price of certain materials. Thanks a lot for reporting this to us. In this case, please remember that, in order to report a player for these behaviors, the correct ways to proceed are wither using the In game reporting system, or by using the Report a Player or Company Link provided in the Game’s support web page. Thank you for understanding!