Vanaheim Firma merge - clarification pls

@TrevzorFTW @Luxendra Can we have clarification which information is correct pretty please?

In THIS post it is written:

  • Idavoll, Runeberg, Naxos, Kantia, and Jacquet will be merging into Murias for Vanaheim Firma.

However in THIS post it is written:

  • Idavoll and Runeberg will be merging into Barri for Vanaheim Firma.
  • Naxos, Kantia, and Jacquet will be merging into Murias for Vanaheim Firma.

So which one is correct? And why not all servers merging Into Murias? Even with all server merged in Vanaheim Firma we won;t have full population… :frowning:


Yep ma dude same thing for Alto it seem like the dev don’t want us to have close to full servor not even mid capacity …

(right now if Alto were merged into one big servor that make up for 1900 player at the same time, maybe we owuld have some Q time sometime i was down for that personaly, now were going to be 600/800, still a dead servor yikes.) less dead yea …


This post is the correct post. We were notified of the change this morning and had to hustle to rewrite the information that we pushed out this afternoon.

I will update that first post with a link to the correct information now.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!


That really sucks!

I was hoping for the full merge to finally get the player numbers we need.

Please reconsider a full merge of Vanaheim Firma

Ok so maybe delete or edit the other post so were not getting mixed info.

Why is Vanaheim Luft not being merged into a single server and instead split into to low- med pop. Makes no sense at all and all people I discussed it with share the same sentiment.

Can you let the higher ups know that this decision is contra productive and sjould be reversed. Make high pop servers not low pop.

also all three merged servers have a weak yellow Fraction. RIP


@TrevzorFTW Everybody in this world set was really excited about a full merge. Dividing the servers in two groups will not gather enough players to make it a highly active server and people will prob look for a transfer. Please suggest to the devs to do a complete merge for vanaheim firma. I play on Murias and i think we have a really well balanced map with multiple settlements for each faction. We have good communication between most of the larger guilds and a very active player base. We just need more people to bump up the server activity and this will for shure become one of the greatest EU central servers there is. Please let Idavoll, Runeberg and Barri join the fun on Murias!

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Idavoll survivor here, we’ve been really hyped about the merge and now the future looks gloom, we are the smallest server in the world set, but those who play are very active, if this is the final stage of the merges for this year, people will most likely transfer off

Its worst choice can be done . Why 2 servers with low player count instead of 1 with good player count ? Already a lot of guys on our world set planning to transfer to different worlds and AGS pushing them to do it with making merge into 2 server instead of 1 just why ? Everyone was happy on first annoucment why AGS change that things and make it worse ? @TrevzorFTW

AGS gave us a promise that they would improve the communication with theire dedicated players on the forum. These excact moments is when we need it @TrevzorFTW . Im shure there is good reasons why you changed the gameplan on merging, but you need to fill us in. Give us the information we need to understand why you had to change it last minute and what is the future roadmap for upcoming merges. You are just leaving us with more questions than answers which results in a disapointed, confused and somewhat angry community that rather should be happy we finally see merges happening, but the joy is forgotten in the confusion these last minute decisions results in


Why are you doing this to us @TrevzorFTW ?

*** Idavoll and Runeberg will be merging into Barri for Vanaheim Firma.**

We checked that even though those 3 servers merging together, we will have around 500 people online. We are tired of not having anything to do. This is pissing of a lot of people including me, we were waiting for so long for these merges for nothing.

I personally don’t see myself playing in a dead server again.

Thats all I had to say.

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not only you bro…

i was so bummed to find out we only get half if vanaheim luft to get max 1000 peak players on nericus as alpha…

Why? just why? who is making these decisions to tilt players… feels like they do it on purpose…

Thank you for clarification @TrevzorFTW … However this is not what players of Murias and Vanaheim Firma world were expecting.

In December diary, game director @Lane mentioned that you are listening to players feedback. So regarding merges hear our feedback: merge all servers in Vanaheim Firma world into one, because even if you do it, we won;t exceed 1400 players online. So why to create 2 low pop servers instead of one with medium population?
Is your decision to merge Vanaheim Firma servers into 2 instead of 1 final? Can we somehow change it? And if not, then when can we expect another merge between Barri and Murias?

I am pretty sure the same concerns have players from other worlds.

If you believe that after merges lots of players will come back to New World and the servers will be full, then I am sorry to burst your bubble: some might, but not a lot. We love this game and want it to succeed, but you need to allow us to have fun.

At this point low pop servers are not fun (not too mention crafting grind which caused many of my friends to leave).

I guess that merging 7 servers brings higher risk than merging just 4. I hope they will merge all servers from this cluster in the near future :slight_smile: We should be able to hit 1200-1500 players then which is still less than max :slight_smile:

Just my 5 cents.

Maybe they are taking into consideration that latest patch will bring back some of the payers that are currently inactive and don’t want to end up with full server with queue again?

Yeah plz merge vanaheim firma into 1 world. Would make a good healthy server and fun for everyone!

Gonna keep ignoring us? Is that good communication AGS promised us ?

@Willard @Kay @Luxendra

I agrae.

Thats true if they would merge all in 1 server(1300-1400 players) a lot of people would come back(200-300) and we could finally have a high populated server