Vanaheim Luft (DE/EN) Merge

Thanks for the info. Is it possible to post a picture about the map? were looking forward for new friends :slight_smile: see you soon comrades

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Evonium as of right now

Purples lost Reekwater just yesterday afaik

Found another example

  • Chryse, Dvaraka, Banoic, Cassipa, and Canis will be merging into Arcturus for Vanaheim Coral.

They are leaving out “Mandara” here, so it’s totally possible that they don’t merge some servers in sets.

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Well we will see it in the end. So far we only know which servers are effectly merging, but we dont know which ones into which ones exept for a few.

It is kinda unlikely that Evonium is going to be left untouched as the player peak is currently at what… 250-300?

I mean I can see when they do not merge big ones like Midgard or so, but small ones… unlikely.

I guess AGS has some clarifying to do :upside_down_face:

I think they are going to give blank maps to some merges where all the server share a similar size. But the FAQ wasn’t entirely helpful :stuck_out_tongue:

Also yeah we have to see it in the end.

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I doubt that they wil do blank maps, but as we say in german… hope dies last? XD

You can use deepl Translater if u want

I speak german, so all good. But that awnser is pretty much BS from AGS xD

ala 1900 Leute werden gemerged und 300 sollen vor bugs und fehler “geschützt werden”


Yeah the issue here is: Community managers do only have the info they get, so if someone messed up beforehands… who knows.

My Main characters world set was in the same state as Luft is currently and they also merged all servers into one (one of the earlier mergers).

Since the merge wont happen today I guess lets just wait, they are usually late with the info. :smiley:

Meanwhile keep calm and start uh… farming?

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Well farming on the (uncontested) server right now should be a must have :smiley:

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It could be that all the inactive account have been moved and stored on your server and if they miraculously log in your server will be full to capacity.


yeah so the prices will drop as soon the mergers are over because everyone is overflowing the markets :smiley:

The first week or two are going to be a tad bid hrm challenging as areas could swap, constant wars and such. I am unsure if I should be hyped about it or scared about it, but since I still have to level my 2. char I guess I can just grab popcorn settle into a good spot and watch the show.

On Vanaheim PSY I play on Ramaja.

We are not listed and have a peek arround 400 players. We also have Avalon not listed whoch has 800-1000 players. So are we getting merged or not?

If not we would be left in the dust lol.

I now posted here a sumup on the issue of communication from AGS

Also wenn wir von evonium nicht gemercht wird. werden 80 % der leute das spiel quiten es kann halt nicht sein das 6 server gemercht werden und ein server nicht wo ist der sinn ?

Caspak, Altruria , and Barsoom will be merging into Evonium for Vanaheim Luft

Ihr werdet also das Vergnügen haben all die Bewohner von 3 anderen Servern zu begrüßen. :slight_smile:

Gut dass die das jetzt bearbeitet haben :slight_smile:

Can you tell the purples to take some green area again? We want to to be able to switch factions when we merge into you.

Well… I really do not know if they would even listen to me :sweat_smile:

However there are two new wars today between green and purples so they might take some back.

Here you can find the actual map as synd has lost restless yesterday aswell as an updated list with all workstations and wars going on.

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