Vendor Idea / Request

Ive heard that end-game economy is stalling because there aren’t reliable sources of gold other than selling on the market (I’m 41 on a low pop so I haven’t experience it personally), but I have an idea:

  • Town vendor that has the same mechanic as faction vendors
  • you can accept 6 “quests” from him in exchange for gold (no EXP, just gold)
  • Quests would be “bring me 3 t3 Greataxes” or “bring me 1 t4 bow” etc
  • gold payout would be like 10g per t1 item quest (so 30g total for 3 t1 weapons), 20g per t2, etc.


  • Gives use for open world gear other than salvage
  • keeps the same mechanic so developers shouldn’t need to rewrite a lot for the code
  • provides a little more gold into the world

Now this will create inflation over time so to counteract here are suggestions:

  • raise repair price for gear
  • raise price for houses
  • increase the base tax rate in towns

Please provide feedback and what you all think! I think it could be a quick, easy add in to the game even though AGS is mainly focusing on bugs right now

If you can get this in front of a dev and if y’all like it please upvote!

IDK where do you heard that but that is BS. The gold that goes into the game is fine, heck probably a little too much.
Also if you salvage an item, you get some gold, effectively “sell” it.

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