Vertical or Horizontal Progression? AGS needs to choose

I think AGS is confused in what direction they want the games progression to be like. Right now, they are implementing vertical progression by bumping the GS to 625. They are also bumping the horizontal progression by introducing more and more perks on weapons/armor. I think AGS needs to choose one progression system and stick to it.

Vertical progression is simple and done in many other MMOs. When new content is released, your current gear is not strong enough to do the new content. The user has to progress to upgrade their gear/armor to do higher level content. In New World, this is the Umbral Shard system, and bumping the GS to 625. In this type of progression, people would be incentivized to stick to one BIS set of armor and weapons, then upgrade them over time.

Horizontal Progression is more focused on the perks of the weapon. Instead of classic RPGs, it is similar to Warframe (before prime/umbra mods/frames). In Warframe, different warframes are good for different mission types. The player is incentivized to collect multiple frames, which make it easier for them to complete specific types of content. For example, there is a frame called Loki, that has the ability to go invisible. This is very good for Capture missions, but not good for Assassination/Survival missions. If a player collect multiple frames, they have tools for any situation thrown at them.

Instead of the player holding and upgrading 1 BIS set, the player is a collector, gathering multiple armor sets that are good for specific situations. AGS says that the new armor/weapon perks are required to do dungeon mutations. This is an example of horizontal progression.

AGS needs to choose form of progression and stick to it. People are disillusioned and complaining so much because the progression/work ratio has gotten so low that people don’t want to play anymore. Having either a difficult vertical progression or a difficult horizontal progression is fine because the grind is linear. Having both forms of progression being difficult is multiplicative in terms of difficulty.

If AGS want to lean towards a vertical progression system (which I 100% don’t agree with), they need to:

  • Rework some of the useless weapon perks. Void Gauntlet has very high impact perks, all weapons should be the same
  • Remove useless perks in the perk table for weapons/armor. Chain perks, hated, beloved should be removed. A dexterity armor with a sacred grounds perk should not be possible. No crafted weapon/armor should be trash.
  • Streamline attributes for dropped items. A musket can only have Int, Dex, and Con as the attributes dropped/randomly generated. If you want a focus musket, you can only craft one by forcing the attribute.
  • Increase the GS upgrades from 625 → 700.
  • Tweak dungeon mutations so they don’t require specific bane/resistance perks to be run. People can run mutations with their BIS gear. As they upgrade it, mutations become easier

If AGS want to lean towards a horizontal progression system, they need to:

  • Allow people to easily reroll perks on crafted weapons. It can be an item that rerolls everything, or maybe reroll a specific category on the weapon/armor. Rerolling attributes is also an option
  • Add a rare item at the end of T5 mutations, that allow you to bump the GS of an item to GS 600
  • Keep the GS of weapons at 600GS for now
  • Release more content that requires specific perks to be completed
  • Add more weapons to the game (a fine addition to my collection!)

Some people may not agree with the suggestions above, but they are examples to illustrate the shift that AGS need to make towards vertical progression or horizontal progression. Do they want this to be a collector game or a power progression game? New World has an identity crisis and AGS needs to pick a road ASAP.

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They already chose. They’re increasing gs cap without even introducing any new content. Their stance on this seems pretty clear


They chose to to both. They are adding vertical and horizontal progression simultaneously. The vertical progression boost from 600->625 is a vertical progression.

The new perks that are required to run mutations is a horizontal progression. Players have to grind for multiple sets of gear to efficiently run mutations.

I am hoping that they see this and choose to lean towards one end of the spectrum. When I heard that they were releasing mutations, and making it easier to craft items with specific perks, I thought they were leaning towards a horizontal progression system, but the Umbral shards makes it clear that they don’t know what they want New World’s endgame progression to look like.

Completely agree! AGS is just going crazy with all those layers upon layers of RNG in crafting and requirements of multiple dedicated gears just to do PvE content. We already have gathering gears, PVP gear, and PvE gear with luck. Now what AGS trying to force us into is to have 7 PvE gears just to be able to do Mutator dungeons and make only 600 GS items upgradable to GS 625.
Do these guys even think? Do they know how much gold would be required to be able to accomplish that? I know for a Dev team that can get any amount of gold or items they want just by a simple command it’s easy, but for us who actually need to go farm or pay for those items it’s not an easy task at all.


I think they just chose to favor the companies and their clones which own Everfall, Windward, and Brightwood. As of right now, those 3 cities are owned by one company by most servers which just created some offspring guilds to set non-overlapping siege timers. They’re just gonna be 50 to 100 people on each server which will govern the whole economy and run around in a type of gear that will render it basically impossible to beat them in any kind of pvp.

Horizontal progression is the way. Whats the point of having this “no-classes” weapon system if you have to lock youself to a build anyway…


you actually don’t usually do one or the other only.

An expansion for example generally has a fair amount of both.

Some times a game dev only does horizontal, but they almost never do only vertical.

that said, New world is heavily on the vertical side. Almost everything they have done feeds into vertical progression, and if it doesnt, they try to add systems to better tie it to vertical progression

They don’t lean one way or the other, but they should lean towards vertical or horizontal. Pre-level 60, its for sure vertical. Post level 60, its a bit of a mess.

They went from vertical (Expertise to 590), to Horizontal (Getting a BIS legendary), and with the new Umbral System, it is back to Vertical.

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