Very happy with updates. These chronic forum whiners do not represent the playerbase

I really hope the AGS devs do not get discouraged by the chronic abuse that they endure from so many of these entitled forum crybabies who put their massive ignorance on display in nearly every one of these threads that are critical of AGS and the game. It isn’t hard to imagine that one could become depressed and demotivated from the apparent ingratitude, lack of understanding, and hostility/stupidity comming from the masses, many of whome would be better served finding another game rather than trying to turn New World into a game that already exists.

From an actual players perspective, the updates to the game have been amazing in both quantity and necessity. Open world pvp was revived from being completely dead, and I don’t know of a single person in my ~98 player company who shares the same sentiments of quitting or doom predictions over these necessary changes that you constantly see on these forums and reddit.

I want to thank AGS and their hard work for making the kind of game i’ve been waiting for many years for.

I would like to remind the chronic whiners that you do not repesent the player base, you are a vocal minority of generally spoiled and entitled gamers who have ridiculous expectations and your parents should be slapped. You are overrepresented on the forums because this is your only outlet and you probably don’t have many friends.

My advice to the chronic forum crybabies is to find a game you don’t feel the need to cry about so much because New World is moving in exactly the right direction for me and players like me, the players it was designed for.


I’m happy with changes a few things maybe I’m not sure about, but overall happy and looking forward to players playing more aspects of the game.


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Lets have this thread deleted please @Mod_G


What are you talking about Arcana ? I don’t break the rules since they randomly ban you with no notices for randomly long periods.


Game has lost 90% of its playerbase in two months. Pretty sure the people who think New World has been a cavalcade of incompetence are in the majority.


My server was reaching about 550 peak population before the Void update. Last night we peaked at 300. I’ve been in two guilds that went from 20+ active players every night to less than 3 in the last 3 weeks.

Of the two friends out of 11 that started the game with me that are still playing, none of the 3 of us have ever done any HWM grinding. We PvP and we farm and we buy all of our gear.

This change announcement just destroys the 60k+ gold i’ve farmed and spent getting my GS to 585. My GS is going to be reduced to about 511 when this change goes live.

Good for you, you hit 60 early and no-lifed Myrkguard before they nerfed it so you have 600HWM already. For literally everyone else, this change is just a massive roll back of progression. This is a change that may have been good to implement 6 months ago, befor ethe game was released. But this + crafting changes + wild drop rate changes + removing loot tables is all only serving to continue to reinforce the massive advantage the people who no-lifed the game for 2 weeks gained , and rewards only ONE particular play style which happens to be by far the stupidest most boring one in the game - afk farming chests in zerg groups.


no these complacent airheads do not represent the playerbase


Actually it does reflect on majority of player views… since majority of players are posting the same feedback. I will happily get back on to FFXIV with the new Endwalker update. I enjoyed the game thus far, but frankly tossing players efforts and time spent away just like that as a dev shows quality of a game dev I do not want to support. Who knows what other crap they will throw at us later in the future. This came abruptly with no open communication for their business interest.


Very happy with changes. It’s an mmo with dungeons and mobs and like every other mmo u should have to grind them to increase that gear score. It’s awesome that we can now choose at times which weapon or item we want to guarantee a bump in!! Great job!


The incompetence is yours. This happens in every pvpmmorpg. People didn’t want to miss out on the next big thing and then quickly realize WoW is more their speed.

If you aren’t happy about the direction of New World, it might be time to go back yourself.


I believe the kids these days would describe this as copium.


can you actually back up your BS and show me a pvpmmorpg that didn’t have massive player drop off right after launch?

thought not

Eve online and Wow. Both had increases over years before finally getting a drop off. I dont know any that dropped off by over 60% in the first month and continue on a down trend.


WoW didn’t stop growing for like 5 years before it finally started to decline.

Next question, because I know you’re about to move your goalposts.


You’re a complete fool if you think the future expertise changes are good.


Yeaahhh right … you should tell the 85% players that quit this dumpster fire.


You didn’t think for a moment that maybe you should explain your reasoning?


Well that’s funny because all 87 in my company are quitting if this goes live.


Wrong. WoW, like every mmorpg in history, had huge drop off after launch. It only continued to grow through expansions.

Was going to open a new topic but I came here to say this.

I love the idea of working for the expertise and GS separately and see how the whole community slowly will become stronger and stronger.

All the criticism is unjustified… Most of the people argue over “loss of power” but things will be exactly the same given that this will affect everyone anyway.

I feel the game has only improved since this morning’s message.

Well done AGS.