Very High Latency Since Last Weeks AWS Outage

Hello, still experiencing double the ping without being on a VPN. I noticed the Thread @Hunden linked has now closed. The ping is very unplayable and even on the VPN 90ping is still very rough.





@Hunden is this something that is still being worked on?

Hi @blkfiredrag!

I hope you are doing well. :smiley:

And yes it is still being researched here, High Latency & Stuttering Issues .

If you have the same issue please refer to that and put in your information on that post.

Take care and happy holidays!

I would like nothing more then to be able to play the game under 150 ping…


160 ping without VPN. Very fun. Bump.

I’m not sure what i’m missing… In the menu screen i’m 47ms to server, in game i’m 160 ping.


Hi @blkfiredrag!

I hope you are doing well!

I understand the situation and I apologize for the issue. Can you do me a favor and do a clean boot, How to perform a clean boot in Windows , please turn off as many apps or process as possible. After that run the game and check if it still showing the 160 ping.

Take care and make sure to let me know what happens.

Hey @Hunden I ran my system in a “clean boot” and still had same affect. I installed the game on a gaming laptop of mine and has the same issues as described so its safe to say its not a PC related issue (also considering a VPN will SIGNFICANTLY increase performance for me on said PC). I also brought my gaming. This issue started when AWS did routing changes on its first large outage a month ago.

Also, a friend of mine who is on same ISP provided me some screenshots of his ping as well.


Thanks for informing me @blkfiredrag!

I understand much better the situation with all the information you have provided, I appreciate that. Quick question, are you and your friend both in “El-Dorado” server?

Yes that is correct

@Hunden is there going to be any solution soon?

because i posted the same issue in a couple of other threads and for south american players this issue is way worse then the described one here. SA players are being routed from - in my case Peru - to USA and then to Brasil. I’m pretty sure you can imagine the lag we are having playing on a ping of 260+ being connected to a SA server (Irkalla) when the ping to US-EAST is only 160 (Valhalla). All that since mid or beginning of December. Me and a lot of other players stopped playing because of that as it is really not fun at all rubberbanding all around


Yeah i’ve also had high latency just almost about anywhere that having people around me makes it unplayable since the game doesn’t register my hits hitting my enemies.

Yeah I’ve also stopped because of this

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Hi @blkfiredrag.

Thanks for letting me know the situation about you and your friend. I really apologize for the situation. I’ve been keeping track of certain servers suffering from this and try to inform the team as soon as possible.

Also, @jamesd.weiss I understand the situation and I will be informing the team of your server too, since you gave a date I think it was right after the AWS outage that you started suffering from this.

Also also, @Ch405 may I know the server you play in?

Finally if all you can go to High Latency & Stuttering Issues and make a post there with the template provided there it would be awesome, this is just to provide extra visibility to the team, thanks in advance.

Take care all of you, please inform me of anything else that arises as soon as possible. I’ll try to keep track of this post too.

I play in Midian

Its crazy this is still an issue after all this time