Very high number of bots on Midian

Been seeing and turning in the same bots for over three weeks now, along with new bots that were added to the same areas to gather mats and or level. Also, ran into bots running in tandem side by side from node to node, stopping, turning, doing everything exactly the same. This suggests that either the bot operator is very careless, placing 2 in the same place or the bot scrip program is being sold and/or passed around.

How long until AGS will do anything about them?

In game support (game Mods) could easily see the bot behavior, do a temporary ban while game play logs are checked and a permanent ban can be placed on the account.


I’ve been on there a bit… and the only one I’ve seen is the one we brought with us from Sannikov… adorable little chap that hangs out in PvE mode in the fields in west WW.

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Kimmy-something is usually farming all day everyday right outside of WW near the bridge, also check out Noblereach, last count 7 running in there and the tandems are north out of WW running just short of the lost area.

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