Very low frame rate despite having hardware above recommended specs

Title says it all; I have a Intel i7 9800X 3.80 GHz, 32 Gb of DDR4 Ram, NVIDIA 2080 RTX, a wired internet connection (approx. 37 Mb/s download - 10 Mb/s upload) and New World is installed on a SSD. Despite this, from day one I have been encountering between 15-20 FPS in the open world with major drops down to 5 FPS every few minutes even though I have reset my graphics to Low across the board (not even going to mention the FPS in towns…). On October 12th NVIDIA released new game drivers which seemed to fix all my issues (averaged 60 FPS on the highest graphics settings often sitting around 80 (according to the in game FPS counter). With New World’s most recent patch on October 13th, I am back to my original problem; only getting 15-20 FPS with major drops quite regularly.

I have tried every fix that I have seen online, and every fix that Amazon’s support recommended. I don’t understand what about the game is not jiving with my system but it is making the game almost unplayable. I’ve hit 100 Hrs and level 51 through sheer force of will but if this persists I don’t know if it’ll be able to push to 60.

Please Amazon, look into optimization/glitches with certain hardware. If anyone has any recommendations please let me know.

I have been having this problem been trying to get a fix for it but. Amazon games company just don’t what to help out I even tried to call them and All I got ways go smite a ticked or go to the website forums did that and got nothing. Maybe next time i might not jump on the hype train for a game .

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