VG buff woot woot!

from the PTR notes

Void Gauntlet: The “Blessed” item perk is now available on the Void Gauntlet.
Thank goodness this weapon is finally getting some much needed love. This is a start at least! Can’t tell you how much I missed blessed when I swapped from my LS to VG, now that won’t be a problem anymore. Finally some much needed sustain for VG!

Thanks Dev’s! Can’t wait to see what buffs you got lined up for VG for next month! I’m hoping for a buff to scream, blade and oblivion personally!


you also forgot the perk for 15% void damg


patience padawan Rome wasn’t built in a day

well this update i have no words … me and me company of 50players are hardcore pvpers if this update doesnt fix d-syc atleast we are done with game many other good ones comming up anyway

Can I have all your company’s stuff?

Bro you keep posting about this perk but that’s not what it does. Lol


I think the cap for the void damage perk is 5%, I believe he is saying it should be buffed to 15%

He’s talking about this new perk:

  • Abyssal Attunement - Attacks deal an additional 15% weapon damage as Void. (Cooldown 2s)

He made a very sarcastic post about it. I think he just misread it.


ah ok

Can’t believe I’m the only one excited over the VG getting some respect finally…

About time VG gets some love. I hope for a perk for petrifying scream making it a 20 minute AOE stun.


obviously! VG is totally broken, very high damage, cut healing + cut buffs + 30% damage boost + root. Weapon completely broken.
In outposts half of the players are playing VG.

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Umm it’s getting a buff because it’s under powered… hopefully the first of many…

hahahahahahaha unbelievable that they decided to improve this weapon even more.

no long range control (like the axe for example) , no movement ability (like the axe for example), yeah is broken because people dont care about the debuffs and they think they can rush and kill everyone in close range :smiley:

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is not an improvment, is a mistake they correcting , blessed was suppose to be on the void gauntlet fromthe start (ucan craft a named gloves 575 with blessed) but was not included as perk for crafting…

Devs are retards. Quite simple

Congratulations! :partying_face:

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