VG is unplayable

VG is broken, the blade swap works 50% of the time… every patch somethin else goes wrong


This bug is infuriating


What exactly is the bug?

you switch the void blade and it goes on cool down but doesn’t come out

What do you mean switch the void blade?

Cast Void Blade and it sometimes works, if it does, then it may randomly disappear.
The second issue is that it can go into a repetitive slow single attack instead of it’s 1-2-3 swing combo.
I’m normally a very active OPR player, but this has me so frustrated I can’t. Also tried a Laz mutation and same problems. I can’t play anymore until this is fixed! :frowning:

i legit had to spend all 15k shards i got from gypsum crates on a new set of gear… these clowns cant get out of their own way

Welcome to the club, my hatchet and Great axe have been "unplayable " for months. You just live to learn with it. A lot of times my grav well does not throw, yet it takes the ability. A lot of times my death defy does not activate with my hatchet.

Atleast its now a little balanced am i right? Every weapon gets a bug now

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At least you still have your weapon available though. Void blade not deploying or dropping is a problem because most deploy in close range to activate the perk and then end up without a weapon… cant even block when this happens because of harvest… so basically, you’ve just advanced to close range and then get smacked when it doesnt deploy.

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Yeah this bug is a bit worse. This would be like if the greataxe itself disappeared and didn’t work and you literally couldn’t attack people with melee.

I am also having problems with tons of other abilities. Entomb doesn’t cast sometimes even thought I get into the animation. It takes WAY WAY longer to weapon switch and get into entomb.

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yeah because planning on a gravity well to help you get away, or death defy to keep you alive doesn’t mess up the game play or stratagy.

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