VG needs a buff

just delete it, no need to balance or anything, it’s toxic lol

Nothing about this post is helpful, adds no value to a conversation, and is simply a troll post. Hopefully, it is locked and closed.


Let me guess, you enjoying VG?

You want me to add to this? Sure, a support or utility weapon shouldn’t have intense amount of damage, and even with a nuked vorpal, 20% empower is too god damn much for an aoe buff. It’s actually ridiculous that they thought this weapon was balanced. Meanwhile it’s been oppressing OPR since release. Petrifying scream is literally the strongest CC in the game, as it doesn’t break on damage, while taking away the ability to do anything about it. In order for snare to be balanced it should be around 1s or less. Voidcaller literally deals way too much damage as well, it should be much slower ticks, so there you go.

Calling this a troll post is somewhat accurate as it called for a buff and you got excited, but the weapon is a god damn joke.

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