VG still needs another round of nerfs

After one more round of nerfs it’ll be balanced. It’s funny because they made VG a tanky shredding beast because instead of just nerfing healing in heavy armor (the entire problem with LS) they came up with convoluted solutions.

The GA nerf made GA balanced. Scream, oblivion, then halo sword stacks the user with empower and fortify and disease. It’s such a cheese weapon. On my server, OPR is now mainly ga/wh and LS/VG and LS/WH.

The update has more bows out but honestly only out of masochism because the new update destroyed combat fluidity. The buffer is hot trash. OP melees are getting even more free kills than before. While time sensitive / precision jobs like bow have got the shaft…. Yet again.

I mean I made a thread about a bow snare and some folks that n here collectively lost their gd minds. Yet we have weapons like VG,WH and IG that can keep you stun locked in place. I didn’t add spear because though it can too, only until now has it really been viable to even play spear so… ima give it a free pass even though the lunge is a lil overturned.

ITT: VGs come to vehemently defend their overtuned cheese weapon


lets just remove all weapons from the game so no one gets their feelings hurt


Awww poor baby needs them free kills. I didn’t say remove it I said further balance it. VGs are self tanking 4 people at a time and melting them all. Literally all the time. Earlier in OPR 5 VGs all used their scream at me at the same time. I literally LOL’d because they all know it’s some cheese ball mechanics that gives them free kills. There is absolutely no counter to the new VG meta. They steam roll every single other weapon.

Again I’m not saying remove it. I’m saying tune it better or buff everything else. Either way idgaf. There is a reason why half the OPRs are VG/LS now. The team with the most win. Every. Single. Time. It’s no contest. You can tel which team has them Because the other team is stuck in their spawn at the door.


Iframe the scream.
Put plagued strikes on your weapon. Its literally pre-nerfed putrifying scream but on heavy attacks(no cooldowns) and can ONLY go on melee weapons(lul)


yes thats you, the one crying about weapon nerfs on the forums. last month it was axe, then it was musket, now its void gauntlet

what will the whine thread be about next month? sword and shield?


new perks should really help against vg but most ppl dont have them yet. also if u manage to dodge the scream, it’s incredibly easy to kite void gauntlet with voidblade tree. then they cant refresh their cds and whole build falls apart if it is kited. so it has its weaknesses (being depending heavily on hitting scream and healing reduction perks) and strengths (melts melee tank builds). everything seems fair except for the fact that voidblade simply does a bit too much dmg and melts tanks too fast, maybe they should nerf defense reduction from disintegrate or smth.

Meanwhile jump canceling rapier legolas hits for 3-9k while being untouchable in a open field by anything than a well placed vorpal one shot from a invisible musket camper in the mountains.

Stop crying please.


Tell me you only play what’s broken with out telling me you only play what’s broken.

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On light armor… no bow is hitting heavy armor for 3k-9k.

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no, they dont.

Yea that’s f you manage to dodge the cone scream that everyone in every group has. Sure that’s mitigated some of the time and when you do doge it they run away. Then you are getting them for 1.5k dmg and they have 15k hp. So it takes 10+ arrows to kill them. All of which can be dodged at a walking pace. Well you do have those nice slow heavy attacks that have the potential to crit for 6k but VGs are running full heavy so you can if you’re lucky hit them for 2-3k.

I think mostly the problem comes from heavy armor and folks going 200 con so they only take 700-1.5k dmg per light attack with 15k health so it literally ain’t a problem to face tank or just zephyr cake and run.

Since riposte is hot garbage now and can just be hopped out of I’ve been taking spear. Perforate helps with them but until everyone gets sets that have the new perks VG is meta. It’s just another crutch weapon that was made to punish heavy life staff but really it just broken.

Dude above is like “first it was ga, then it was musket, now it’s VG” yea everyone one of those weapons are or were overturned. Ga is still melting folks but it feels a lot more balanced now. As a bow player I’m still dying to them and that’s ok but now I actually have a chance to get away it feels good. Still needing to hit them 10 or more times while they only need 3 hits on me. Musket isn’t AS bad now that the crouching bug is fixed.

It’s like some of y’all really need to rely on broken shit to have any fun at all. Just look at the GA thread. It’s literally people whining they have to now press W with their LMB. Just pathetic.

Look at the snare thread I made that had people crying about adding the little snare shot the genesis mobs have to bow… or buffing the knee shot. While all of BOWs CC are just an annoyance for opponents, nearly every other close to
Mid range weapon has full on stun locks.

So like, sure you can I frame the scream some of the time. That’s great. But the halo sword still gives the user an immediate fortify and oblivion is giving them immediate empower that even with out the scream is devastating in a way that VG players are face tanking 3-4 people at a time. The only counter to a tanky VG is…. Another tanky VG.

Tone down the cheese, add diminishing returns or something. Actually make light armor worth using… tone down the fortify a little more. Tone down the healing in heavy armor because that’s honestly the biggest problem most of the game has. Balance it. There shouldn’t be a clear cheese weapon.

Ideal combat is having a healthy mix of every weapon. The last update toning down GA has brought out more weapons and another tone down of VG would do the same thing.

definitely agree about needing to adjust armor types in new world. however, i think VG shouldn’t be nerfed yet, not until new perks see more use, then take it from there.
also, weapons like bows need some bumps and adjustments to make them more viable, fun to use. i think it would be best to buff underperformers and nerf nothing. at least for the time being.

That’s a completely fine compromise. As it stands now they are just grossly OP compared to pretty much everything else. That have everything they could possibly want in their skill tree and armor perks.

While other weapons -cough bow cough- have stupid armor perks and ineffective cc and painfully clunky game play while being forced to play in a pocket they are most vulnerable in. I’m just asking for a little gd balance here. Meet me in the middle.

-cough those can hit for 6-8k in 1 shot at range cough-

I agree. VG blade does more damage than GA. You also have incredible self sustainability with VG.

The root scream not only has a 2 second root but the animation is instantaneous. You can root people who are together as well (OPRs are clusters cause of fighting inside the post)

Oblivion circles are wider than sacred ground even.

All OPRs and wars revolves around a heavy root+ bursting down from 5+ players. VG is very very good at that.

There is a combo with VG+IG that allows for essentially a root till death due to ice spike. Scream, Ice shower, Ice wall on player followed by a ice spike.

Sounds like you just want the weapon deleted from the game.

No, its not an intention of having VG deleted. VG is just too universal at its current state. It does ranged dmg very well, it does melee damage very well (and its a a magic weapon), and arguably has the best root in the entire game and a massive AoE that reduces healing absorption

Dunno how you can sit there moaning about VG be universally powerful when GA has been broken since launch.

Agreed. That combo deletes anything. It is more broken than GA ever was. I would argue it even breaks the game. On my server we have no GA/WH left, it is only VG/something and muskets in OPR now. If next patch doesn’t adjust the VG, Aeternum is going to be very empty this christmas.

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Welcome to the history of New World combat changes post-Dec’20 patch.

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