VG still needs another round of nerfs

people complained GA was trucking, GA doesnt have a one shot mechanic that is guaranteed compared to this combo. Its pretty crazy

Actually I disagree. First time since long time I feel all weapons are there where they belong. They are OP in their domain not as swiss knife like GA was. Maybe musket needs small buff but only small.

Vg has no mobility. So to quote some GA/WH users “Just run away and dodge”.


Nerfing every single weapon won’t solve anything. At the end of that journey, they will all be at the starting point again.

What AGS has to do is add diminishing returns on snares, stuns, and slows in general, so e.g. you being hit by 5 screams won’t snare you forever.

As of VG, I must disagree with you. VG is more than easy to counter if you know-how.

Any solid PvP player I meet in the world knows how to doge out of the oblivion and either dodge the scream or counter it with another stun/throw on the ground or similar.

As of OPR, OPR’s are entirely random and the least problem with them is weapon balance.

The problem with OPR’s and wars as well is that the queue is completely random. For OPR’s to be fun, there should be a proper queue with a limited amount of specs, so you don’t join one where you have 7 healers and 13 GA/WH players.

You should never join an OPR and fight against 5 VG/IG players or 15 GA/WH players. That’s why am sure you’ve noticed, sometimes you win an OPR by 1001 - 40 and sometimes you lose exactly the same. No weapon nerfing will change that, until they fix the root problem.



Root can’t be dodged. You need to pvp more.

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I completely agree with you, and I use the VG. It feels like everything is skewed to favor melee weapons in this game, even the magic-based melee weapons lol. While I was leveling up the VG, I used the blade, but now that I have it maxxed I use the decay tree for tether (w/ the slow perk) + orb + scream. It’s nowhere near as good as the blade, but it’s a lot more fun IMO.

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It’d be awesome if there was a drafting mechanism that let you select an archetype you wanted to play when you joined the queue.

Everything except the base combat systems that dictate melee combat. That ship sailed 12 months ago (Happy Anniversary!).

What I think you really meant to say is everything is skewed in favor of spamming abilities and LMB. The devs continually erode the skill-ceiling and try to make combat as simplistic as possible.

Weren’t you just getting fully tilted in a FF forums getting called a furry?

Also side note I love the VG and think its perfect.

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There must be, otherwise, wars and OPR’s will forever stay random. OPR’s are essentially broken, because you often join a group that has 0 healers, and e.g. opposing team has 5 of them. This is broken at the core and no weapon nerfing will fix this. My statement needs no proof, just play 3-4 OPR’s today and see how you will completely obliterate some, and half of the time, get completely obliterated. That is because there’s no balance and it’s purely and entirely random.

:facepunch: only

Again, only thing that needs tuned with VG is the sustain Void Blade gives WITHOUT any focus. Full Int build can get 75% dmg returned to HP under 50% HP. Just imagine this sustain if the Void Blade’s hit detection was actually working 100% lol

Root doesn’t stop you blocking or using abilities.

If a VG roots you and starts whacking you, you can either block till roots gone (I know, it’s so amazing! Who would have thought) or you can respond with your own attacks since VG blade requires you to be in melee.

or he switches to a ranged weapon called Ice gauntlet. Yeah, you can use 2 weapons in this game. Amazing, huh!?
I knew the old “jUsT bLoCk, dUDe” argument would come up. Aiways does when you don’t have any valid arguments left…

tell me youre an unoriginal bore who cant come up with his own phrases and can only speak in memes without telling me youre an unoriginal bore who cant come up with his own phrases and can only speak in memes

Its not “convoluted solutions” its

“New world clearly wants a noob weapon that is objectively better than everything else in the game and if you don’t use it it’s literally impossible to win against equal skill because its that much better than everything else currently in the game, weapon”

For their sub 30 IQ devs to rack some kills in pvp.

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If VG is messing you up in PvP… you need to get better… lol

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This is basically “nerf it so that it’s juuuuuust weak enough to not consistently kill me so I don’t have to learn and adapt”




-cough thats some shit you saw on youtube cough-

That only happens on light armor and very very rare and extremely hard circumstances. Yall act like every single bow hit is 6k and thats just pure bs. Most targets are heavy armor and you do 1.5k-2k on them and they have 15k+ hp so it takes about 10 hits to kill someone and thats IF they dont use a potion or food… which they do so it takes double that.

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