Vingolf, Pahurli, Nunne Chaha, and Opona will be merging into Pleroma for Arkadia Ultra


Anyone from Plemora can tell us how the 80 of you are divided. lol.

I thought merges would go to the healthiest of populations of a world set. Plemora … I believe is least populated.

Nunne Chaha and Opona I believe are healthier populations…

kinda weird devs went this way with this one…

Nunne Chaha has a fair mix of all 3 factions as far as I know.

I know nothing about others in our cluster set to go to plemora.

can other servers talk about the spread of factions on their servers?

concerned they chose the least populated server. unless they intended for full out wars on day 1 on merger.

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This is Nunne Chaha Current Spread.

I have absolutely no idea why they chose the lowest pop rathole of a server for our cluster. We are still only going to have 800 during primetime. At least I saved my transfer token! They merged us with a server that has no green regions at all, has hardly any T5 stations, a barren dead market. AGS incompetence shines through again. Why we are not merging into Valgrind is beyond me.

This is a picture of Plemora currently:

right my token is saved to but I heard they are deleting tokens after merger… not confirmed though.

No token is deleted post merge.

Plenty of territory for you guys to fight for! See you soon :wink:
Governor of Everfall on Pleroma

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I am from Opona and its owned by yellow, basically all strong players are yellow, theres like 2 in purple that i can think of, and like 3 in green. So im totally fine with whatever since im green.

I hope the merge brings some balance, thats all, dont care whos currently owning towns, whatever brings fun and balanced wars is ok with me heheh.

Pleroma means Pool of Yellow in Latin.


can you post a map shot ? just to compare faction spread ?

I’m on Pleroma. We’re the only purple company that owns anything. Please bring help.

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Yeah the should have chose Nunne Chaha as the server. It’s very evenly spread.

Pleroma was balanced. A company, Lag Detected. transferred to it that had as many members as there were total players on the server.

They literally immediately threw multiple territories in to war at the same time on a server that had maybe 3 wars a week. Exploits were their cup of tea. Lagging out fights duping and glitching through walls.

All the big green and purple guilds transferred off the server. The yellow that was left just reaped the benefits perpetuating it.

As of now lag detected has maxed all rates in virtually every territory and set up a purple company, Jilted Castaways, as well for trading… then they all rolled chars on a us west server cause ours was so dead and only log in when they have to war. Which is never since the average gear score of green and purple is probably 530.

Last night was first war in a couple weeks. Green couldn’t get 40 people to sign up for it. Let alone 60s with actual pvp sets.

It’s shit.

If that Jon 008 guy is in jilted he’s part of the reason the server is the cesspool it is.

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def more purple, but loads more yellow and green, we are pretty balanced.

Umm the only purple company that owns anything on Pleroma was just gifted a territory 2 days ago and all Yellow was told not to fight. FWIW.

whats yours source for this?

Did Pleroma go down for maintenance? Likewise, did Valgrind?

all the planned servers for merge are under maint

No clue what you are talking about. Purple was holding just fine until the big companies decided to transfer off. The first war LD had against purple after taking BW they lost. I’m no fan of LD but there’s no where else for purple to go at the moment except for Jilted. It’s not like LD is doing them any huge favors anyways. They lost CK which had a ton of investment in it and was given one of the worst territories you can get with nothing upgraded.

Plus, this just proves that LD had the right mindset to begin with. Had they smashed the rest of purple into the ground and they left the server then LD would be the one losing territory in this merge. They were smart keeping some purple around to keep the server population up.

I’m looking forward to a healthy faction mix so we can have actual wars. Why fight against yellow right now when we literally stand no chance.

Hows the settlements look on plemora ? any T5 stations ? bet they cant defend invasions with the entire population of that server being around 80 players, which means probs no end game crafting.

Vingolf, Oponoa or Nunne Chaha would have been better choices.

@Luxendra can you provide information why the unhealthiest of the cluster was chosen ?


Pleroma is going to rapidly die. I have no idea what the devs were thinking. Lag Detected, a company notorious for exploiting, cheating, toxicity, backstabbing, etc. quite literally killed that server.

They transferred from Valgrind, on the same worldset. Let’s take a look at Valgrind’s map since they’ve left. As you can see, it’s far healthier.

In fact, Valgrind has some of the most skilled wars in this entire game. Extremely sweaty, tactics far above anything happening on a server like Valhalla, a healthy faction balance, and the largest companies working together to make sure frequent wars and server health is completely in balance. We also regularly win invasions.

Why the devs chose to merge into a completely dead server that was overtaken by an extremely toxic company that caused virtually everyone who could to leave is beyond logic or reason. Valgrind needs the players. We got a single server merging into us, which isn’t enough. We wanted more. I’d like an explanation from the developers on what they were thinking when they did this (no, don’t like me to that useless FAQ)