Vingolf, Pahurli, Nunne Chaha, and Opona will be merging into Pleroma for Arkadia Ultra

We have T5 crafting stations but only one, maybe 2 of each. There are only maybe 3 territories that any investment is made into because the same factions own everything.

TBH we all thought we were going to valgrind.

But Vingolf, Oponoa or Nunne Chaha would have been better choice if Valgrind was off the list.

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@Luxendra Please respond. This doesn’t make any sense why we would all go to the smallest server where one faction has monopolized it.

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T5’s in many different territories. Lots of 60s with Voidbent. Ready and excited to fight. There’s a lot of good things that happen on Pleroma. The map is yellow, but there is plenty of opportunity for the taking. Lots of good people on this server that have been here from the beginning and are looking forward to building and playing regularly with new comers. Hopefully not everyone coming here is disgruntled. If anyone has any questions about Pleroma feel free to reach out.

We were expecting the majority of people to come to Valgrind too. Nonsense decision by the devs here, makes absolutely zero sense.


only map I could find of vingolf is on reddit and 2 months old… but here it was mostly green at that time, not sure how that server is split atm.

What’s Cutlass Keys look like right now?

I’m from Vingolf, when servers come back up i’ll get you a screenshot.

Thatd be awesome so we can at least get a glimpse of faction spread.

Was purple for a long time. My company currently owns it, we took it via a healthy war about a week ago. 50v50. Some T5s there.


Thats gross. most of our towns have 2 to 3 t5,s 4 or so t4. rest t3 or better.


If any incoming purple can reach out and message we can get on a discord and figure out our next steps. We are coming from opona


Well sounds like an opportunity right? Most of our towns have 2 T5s. One large faction took most of the territories and let them die. So 8 or so territories are on the same War Timer… again, opportunity. Come get some. Lets game.

Message me on discord Kells#1313
Purple coming from Vingolf :smiley:

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You must me one of the guys who rage transferred off the server after getting clapped xD

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Anyways, @Plemora, Cov, is there a Cov discord, for all of us Yellows to chat at you since your the new home after Dec 20th

I started on Valgrind, and I haven’t left. I run one of the strongest companies, and we hold BW, which has all T5 stations. LD was pure cancer to Valgrind, and it’s become a much better experience without a hoard of cheating, exploiting, backstabbing players.

Here is a public discord for Pleroma Pleroma

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Our server was/is so chill we all agreed to a Holiday War Truce. so no wars would happen during holidays. to give people time to chill with family instead of being online for wars for christmas eve, christmas day, new years eve and new years day. We agreed to a 1 week truce. But now thats out the window. Its gonna be war from Dec 20th forward. :frowning: Rip Holidays.