Vingolf Server Issues-Desync and various client/server mismatch errors

  • Kolkhara
  • Vingolf-Arkadia Ultra
  • Bug

The server has had mismatched information for various players all day. This includes but is not limited to the following observations.

Numerous territory system messages of station downgrades followed by upgrade completion messages for stations.

The crafting/refining stations failing to complete actions; the materials were present and tested both in local storage and on personal inventory.

Various states of conflict indication in territories including territories being in active Conflict state for some players and not for other players.

A pending invasion in WW for some players while no invasion for others.
A pending War declaration for some players in EF while showing influence gain for others.





Bump. This is server wide for multiple people across every region in the map. Some percentage can see pending invasions and wars, others see a completely different server state. Everytime anyone goes to a different zone or town; multiple system messages flash about town upgrades/downgrades AND upcoming invasions/wars or they don’t.

Please look into this server.

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