Visual Bug, Territory Crafting Minimum Bonus not shown

Here is a picture of the visual bug, it display 590-600 GS on crafting when actually was 595 minimum.

I also post the gloves that i craft.

Other bugs:

When i put 1 modifier like Penetrating Shot Cooldown Reduction and 60 Azoth, it says High probability to have a third perk. I craft 6 gloves, i saw 0 gloves with 3 perks, if i put the Dexterity perk then it show only max 2 perks.

Also if i put 60 azoth and then i put a modifier it also eat 60 azoth and not 15 less so 45, why ?

Also the balancing of what i get for spending resources for 6 gloves 595+gs is bad, i made only bad gloves, i could just make a voidbent glove in 1 try.

Fix the bugs and fix the balancing becouse crafting it’s a mess rigthnow and you can see from my picture the info you need.

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