Visuals for buffs/debuffs/food etc not showing - FIX

Hi guys,
This might have been posted before, if that is the case, apologies. But since I have had this annoying bug since april’s patch and after 2 tickets, talking to live support, twitting, asking for an ETA, sending ingame feedback, I got zero responsce whatsoever, I found a link to a reddit post that offers a solution that fixed the issue to me.
Here is the link:

Big thanks to Blousted!!!
The only issue I had was that my local time was not showing correctly, so I had to turn off set auto time to OFF, turn on daily savings, sync and then turn back on auto time zone.
Now everything shows correctly.
I hope AGS look into that and at least offer this solution to the players…

Hello @Moonglowz,

Thanks for providing a solution for this issue, we highly appreciate your proactiveness to share this with all of us.

If you need further assistance in any other issue please don’t hesitate in reaching us again!