[Voices of Aeternum] Summer Medleyfaire - Polls and More!

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We’re currently in the middle of celebrating the all new inaugural Summer Medleyfaire and we want to hear your thoughts!

You can find some polls here but we have other threads pinned that you might be interested in as well:

Polls are now closed! Thank you for participating!

Poll: What’s your favourite instrument?

  • Guitar
  • Upright Bass
  • Flute
  • Drums
  • Mandolin

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Poll: Team Tadpole or Team Boot?

  • Tadpole
  • Boot
  • Fish
  • Seaweed

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Poll: What was your favourite part about the Summer Medleyfaire?

  • Mount-a-Catch Station
  • Aeternum Sturgeon and Fishing
  • Musical Instruments
  • Medleyfaire Pyre and Shops

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Want to tell us more? Feel free to comment with your favourite moments below!


Sweeping Aeternum by storm, what’s that sound coming from deep in the woods? Why am i dizzy? Why is it so dark all of the sudden?

Coming all the way from Orofena, Unhinged Bards are coming to a forest near you!


That’s awesome I

I like the event over all but I would have enjoyed some super more rare rewards from fishing or playing songs at the event locations. Just knowing that there’s the chance of getting something special makes grinds like this more exciting imo.
It would of course have needed some more sensitivity when it comes to value and drop rate of those rare drops than for example during the Easter event. I saw that a lot of people were unhappy about the rng there.


Event is nice. It would be really cool to have some fun mini games at Medlefayre area… just like carnival or fun games. It will be nice to hang around with others. Now it’s just dancing


Love the new Summer Patterns, and wished all pattern used this system. Especially the uncommon/green ones.


This is awesome, I love it


Actually, i find the medly fair dlc frustrating.

The tip button is the same as the interact button so players are playing near crafting stations and town boards to get money from people by setting up a temporary toll in case your not paying attention.

The medley fair dlc removed my stock of azoth bottles so I cant change my coin into the yellow ones and any time i supposedly pick up an azoth bottle it defaults to zero, as in i open the chest i see the bottle and with congrats you got zero of these bottles from an elite chest or boss or something.

The music is restrictive instead of using the keyboard as a piano keyboard we have pre made music meaning I will never be able to play e1m1 before going into battle or practice playing evening star by dragon force.

Forcing players to fish by locking rewards and emotes behind the purchases is a low blow. Fishing in this game is a boring mechanic and slow mechanic.

The event did a great job on getting me hooked on fishing. Prior to event I was level 2 in fishing and had no interest or plans to ever level it despite having 3000 hours in game and being 200 in all harvesting, refining and most crafting. Now I’m level 200 fishing and already bought trophies and gear and will now always stop when running by a hot spot and have legendary fish mounted in my house. Pretty cool. . The event was very well done. Going to miss the sturgeon hot spots when the event is over.


When does de event finish? i just reinstall the game and i want to get all the rewards

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My favorite moment is the absurdly long time it takes to level the music trade.