Void gauntled is a meme

When I use a hammer with arboreal gem, it hits more than the void gauntlet, a weapon intended to scales with focus, and even if i put an arboreal gem into the void gauntled, it doesn’t scale the focus. I know a healer is not intended to cause damage, but half of the damage of a warhammer deals more damage than a weapon that should scale with focus. maybe i’m doing something wrong or it is a meme

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void gauntlet scales with int and focus, the best ratio seems a bit different than other weapons,

but if you use the dps side of the skill tree, and most of the skills its more damage over time than lightstaff, even pure focus. I tested it out on ptr.

i doubt hammer with zero strength competes in dps.

Maybe i’m completely wrong, i tested it in PTR too, but the damage i used to deal in PTR was absolutely higher than in oficial servers, even with focus

hmm, perhaps, I haven’t tried it in live yet

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