Void gauntlet is BROKEN

This thing is legit overpowered it has almost everything. If you wanna talk about balance you must nerf this item or boost everything else XD


More greataxe nerfs first please!


It’s not OP, it’s a bad weapon for range. Its only capable as melee, so you pretty much have only 2 active abilities. The sword misses to hit like every 3 attack and you have to build up your dmg first.


Nailed it.

How is it broken again when it has the shortest stun duration out of all other weapoms that stun?


Root needs to be removed and damage toned down. It is destroying the game atm.

yeah so strong needs a nerf

Main OP thing on VG is its sustain power in a full Int build with Void Blade, even with the buggy hit detection. Imagine the insanity with it working flawlessly.


more great axe nerf ?? XD if you still die from axe change game bro

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VG is way OP, can take 13k in 2 seconds from a tank with shield up

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As a medium mage, VG is honestly ridiculous. The damage + lunge it does is insane, on top of the root and debuffs. At least with other roots, you can Burn Out and get out of it. But you are completely immovable with VG.

So fucking unfun.


I am a full stack int damage, and this is not even close to being true.


even if the damages are not true. that thing is broken XD one weapon that has EVERYTHING sustain / buff / debuff / ranged / melee / cc / dps. i’ve never seen such a broken item in any mmo XD is actually funny

didnt you just comment a thread about the GA still being underpowered?

give it a rest bro

I outplay VG users all the time, it’s really easy. If you make a mistake and they get a good snare, you should get wrecked, that’s all it has going for it. Everyone wants this game to turn into an ESO spongebath in the forums it’s so gross. Hopefully the devs can maintain their vision of keeping the game a medium ttk, higher rewarding pvp experience so we don’t end up like that. Please stop asking for nerfs.


you outplay my ass little man XD and you are still awake go to sleep

you’ll be ok kiddo

The issue with VG is Void Blade. It needs tuning, without it VG doesn’t have near the dmg AND sustain. You can still burst good with Orb, but you aren’t going to have the sustain to face tank.


This 150% yes…

The VG isnt overpowered at all… it just drains peoples health, as it should.

I mean seriously with all the people screaming for everything to be nerfed, why have we got weapons at all?

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